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  1. If the views are ruinned but no one is there to notice, are they really ruinned?
  2. That site plan is definetely at BBVA Compass Plaza. it looks great, who is the architect?
  3. Looks to me like something that belongs in the Memorial City complex. I can imagine it with blue lights at the top.
  4. It must be for an overhead protection over the new sidewalk, very common for high rise construction.
  5. Exactly! The view was ruined anyway when all those signs were added.
  6. Did he say if the new buildings will be as beautiful as the ones they did across the freeway?
  7. Even though I agree that the skybridge is not such a bad idea, some of these arguments are absurd. First of all, the buildings have something a called elevators, I don't see why you would have to use the stairs. In your example above, with out without the skybridge, you would still have to take two elevator rides (or stairs) since the skybridge is on the third floor. So unless you live on the third floor, and happen to find a parking spot on the third floor of the garage, the skybridge doesn't do much for you - except protect you form the elements. In any city where people are used to walking, being hot, cold or wet is just normal part of the commute. Cities like NY or DC don't have covered sidewalks, yet thousands of people use them every day, all year long. And finally, the issue is not the particular user pretending to be urban. The project is meant to be urban, yet makes an effort to keep people off the street. It's a valid argument.
  8. Yes, it is just a vision. They are looking for $16M in equity. They don't seem to have lots of development experience, so it's a hard sell. Unless they JV with a much more experienced developer, I don't see this happening. Seems more like an academic exercise to me.
  9. As important as the urban environment is, the main concern should be that the artwork in the building is properly displayed and conserved; which I would venture to say is one if the reasons Holl was selected. Along with Renzo Piano, he is one of the few architects who really understands and masters the use of natural lighting.
  10. They are not. A few lines below calling it condominiums, the article says: "... with plans to convert it into 309 high-end rental units in a $95 million project."
  11. There is a teaser form Transwestern in today's HBJ - see attached. Any ideas what it may be about?
  12. I bet that is just a sign that the architect's renderer put in to show there could be retail. That's an old rendering; tenants are never signed up at the time the architect does the design rendering.
  13. The article says construction will add up to 41,000 sf....that is NOT a high rise.
  14. Actually that means apartments. Condos are not for rent, they are for sale.
  15. No that's an old project. The one going up is 7Seventy, also from Alliance. More info in the link below. I don't know if there's already a thread for it. http://7seventyapts.com/sign_up.html
  16. I still think putting the garage on the noisiest part of the site, and with the best vehicular access makes complete sense. Putting a garage "in between the buildings" as suggested makes no sense, it kills the whole idea of a campus. Shell should be aiming to create an inviting campus in order to attract top talent, not in providing a nice view to the people on the freeway. If they were concerned about that, they could build a nice facade on the feeway-facing side of the garage - there are plenty examples of really nice garages in urban settings. I wouldn't be surprised if that was suggested by the architects but the idea was dropped in favor of using most of the budget on amenities for the employees.
  17. Seriously? The site is bounded by a wooded reserve to the North, and a busy interstate highway to the South. Do you really think it made more sense to locate the office buildings on the highway side and keep the nice views for the parking garage?
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