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  1. 5 hours ago, nativehoustonion said:

    It is a very ugly building, but this is the nicest it has looked.  Soon United Airlines is is moving from 1600 Smith to 609 Main.  I wish we could light up the skyline like Dallas.  Meow!


    I totally disagree, it actually has always been one of my favorites! It has a crown, and multiple profiles with the stepped sections. It can look like totally different buildings depending on the angle.


    & chill with Houston/Dallas cat fights please. 

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  2. 8 hours ago, mfastx said:

    So I'm assuming these buildings are lit up nicely just for the Super Bowl and will go back to being dark and bland right after? 


    This building is typically lit up year round so I would expect it to be a nightly occurrence. 


    I will try to get a pic from Eleanor Tinsley park tonight. 

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  3. 17 minutes ago, corbs315 said:


    You could get a much better idea with a video, but here's from my balcony now. It cycles through colors rainbow style like the trash can building in the med center. Pretty nifty.



    Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.58.14 PM.png


    You guys have to see the Allen pkwy side to really get the full effect - I'll try to get a pic tomorrow. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, TowermaniacXD said:


    On a scale of Pre-Superbowl White Lighting<-----------> Continental Airlines Logo Era

    where does this impressive lighting lie? 


    It blows both out of the box!


    Monarch, sorry I couldn't take a pic while driving 70 mph. lol - I was caught off-guard but so impressed that I circled the downtown loop a second time to be sure I wasn't day-dreaming. lol


    I really don't want to overly hype it up and it end up being a let down when you guys finally see it but its probably the 2nd best lighting on a Houston building EVER - we'll planned and thought out.


    The only other lighting scheme I would place above it would be the old 30-story Art Deco Chase building - & man, if that one was 50-60 stories tall it would be much more appreciated by all. 

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  5. 609 Main's lighting scheme is underwhelming thus far, but I think they're still tweaking/perfecting it.


    However, has anyone checked out the brand new lighting scheme on the old Continental Airlines building 1600 Smith?


    FABULOUS!!!!!!!! I'm overly impressed! 

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  6. 3 hours ago, tigereye said:


    It was planned for the building. Renders & vids show the entire crown and side recesses lit up. Last night, we only saw a portion of this lit up. 


    Yes, only a portion of the crown lights were being tested last night. I personally saw them testing the lighting in the east/west recesses months ago as they were still installing the glass on the higher floors  - Rest assured there's more to come!


    I remember the vertical lighting within the recesses being so much brighter than I was anticipating - certainly brighter than what we saw last night. 

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  7. On January 23, 2017 at 3:07 PM, Urbannizer said:



    I was studying this photo to determine if the vertical panels within the east/west recesses were simply reflecting the sunlight or if LED lighting was being tested during the day. I'm convinced it's LED lighting! 


    Also, the intricate exterior detailing on the wider north/south glass curtain wall facades involve so much more than aluminum framing around the individual glass panes. LED strips perhaps? 


    I'm thinking (hoping!) this night time lighting will encompass the entire facade similar to Hines' Devon Tower in Oklahoma City - so much more than what  I imagined based on the initial renderings.


    I never noticed it before but closer examination of the video renderings posted on their main 609mainattexas.com website indicates flickering light movements over the entire facade. (Or am I imagining things?? lol) 


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  8. I agree, ESPN could have done much better. Eleanor Tinsley does offer a nice backdrop but will lack the foot traffic and crowds all week that ESPN desires for their many broadcast shows.


    Somewhere like Market Square would have been my guess but this chosen lot is close to the major hotels where their anchors and crews will be set up. 

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  9. I live across the street from Steele. The Giorgetti fence has been up for a couple months.


    The new fence that went up yesterday that I'm referring to is specifically around this Hanover site. The site has been an eyesore since they demolished those apartments more than a year ago.


    Even if they're not ready to start the apartment building itself, it looks like they are readying for site prep. There are some old foundations from recently demolished buildings on the Kipling side that need to be dug up.  

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  10. Yes I saw them testing the lighting a couple weeks ago. It seemed to be in full effect last night. 


    From the rendering we always knew the notches would be lit but I didn't know there would be a cascading light show every night. Definitely adds some 'Wow' driving through uptown. I've only seen the white lights, would be great if the lighting changes colors on special occasions.

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