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  1. Yes, I remember Ron's Krispy Fried Chicken. This may sound rather stupid, but I came on the web tonight looking info about Ron's. I never ate at the store on Sagemont, but in the early 80's I lived in Angleton, Texas. Ron's had a location just down the street from the place I was working at the time. I did'nt even like fried chicken at the time, but I soon became a born again southern fried chicken eating fool. I ate so much of Ron's fried chicken I thought I was gonna turn into a chicken. Best darn yard bird I ever had (sorry Grandma). I could've kicked Ron's ass when they sold out to Church's Chicken (yuck). Man, I never would've killed that golden goose. I'm sure they had a no compete clause in their contract with Church's. If anybody reading this post in the future has any info about Ron's operation I.E. the recipe they used or any other info I'd be very interested in talking with them. Don't hesitate to contact me. Regards, Mackz
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