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  1. I have an idea for lower-level administrators: If they want to keep their jobs, they should at least teach a few classes or take an increased workload. I would like to see lower-level administrators also double as support staff and/or teach higher-level classes at high schools. I.E. Some administrators for the Central Region of HISD could also double as Electronic Media teachers or Theory of Knowledge teachers at Central Region high schools.

    I Agree, Some teachers do deserve to make more than what they make especially coaches, band directors, and performing arts teachers because they puy in way more time and effort in after school activities and programs that they do not get paid extra for.

  2. It's a pretty long road that goes all the way from inner city Houston out to Spring. I don't know if I mentioned exactly where I wanted to live on Aldine-Westfield, but it would be near Hirschfield Rd past the Arboretum. Is that where the construction is?

    It seems like a really nice area with all the trees, but I think the home values are dropping with lots of low income residents moving into the area. Is there anyone who knows more about the east side of Spring who could give me a briefing?

    Old Town Spring Shopping, Spring ISD. West Spring is way better.

  3. My wife makes $49,000 a year, that's with a Masters Degree, and her GT Certification Bonus, and she's been teaching for 24 years. There is no way anyone can justify to me making 4 and 5 times that much just to be a Superintenent. I can see them making 2.5 to 3 times that, but not 4 and 5 times that amount. By the time they take out Insurance, TRS, and Taxes she brings home two grand a month. Now I realize they only work 188 days out of the year, but I can't count the nights she's up grading papers until 10 and 11 at night, gets up at 5 in the morning and is in school by 7 am. Grading papers all weekend, and it's BS for them to make that much less than the fat cat administrators, that don't do a 10th of the work the teachers do. She teaches GT Math and Science, has 120+ students to deal with, (Four periods with 30+ students per class), It's BS. She does it because she likes it, because it doesn't pay worth a damn. Teachers with her kind of experience should be making 60K a year, atleast. Teachers starting out these days, and most are strapped with student loans, are starting out at 18-20 grand a year. That's insanity to say the least. that's not much more than minimum wage and these are college graduates we're talking about.

    You have a point. What school does she teach at?

  4. This is a list of Houston's local School District Superintendents' Salaries as of the 2006-2007 school year.

    Klein ISD: $200,000 (Jim Cain)

    Conroe ISD: $230,000 (Don Stockton)

    Magnolia ISD: $145,000

    Spring isd: $172,500 (Ralph Draper)

    Tomball ISD: $142,500 (John Neubauer)

    Willis ISD: $138,500

    Clearcreek ISD: $202,575

    Houston ISD: $278,100 (Abe Saavedra)

    Alief ISD: $271,500

    Cy-Fair ISD: $250,000

    Humble ISD: $199,000

    Fortbend ISD: $216,000

    Lamar ISD: $175,000

    Katy ISD: $241,049

    Spring Branch ISD: $197,500

    Pasadena ISD: $255,000

    Some of these salaries come with car allowances, cell phone allowances, trip allowances and all of them have great benefits. The highest paid superintendent is Houston ISD's Abelardo Saavedra, and the lowest paid superintendent is Willis ISD along with Tomball ISD's John Neubauer. Klein ISD's Jim Cain recieved a $12,000 payraise from the previous 2005-2006 school year which brought him from $188,000 to $200,000 yearly. Cain leads the 8th largest district in Houston. Katy, Conroe, and Cy-Fair Superintendents are in about the same range.

  5. How about something like this?


    I don't think there'd be much trouble getting this through the county commissioner's office, as Bob Eckels lives in Woods of Wimbledon. I imagine he understands what it would mean to the county if the home values in this area rose by 20% or more.

    Where did you get this map from and how did you make it? It looks very professional.

  6. How about something like this?


    I don't think there'd be much trouble getting this through the county commissioner's office, as Bob Eckels lives in Woods of Wimbledon. I imagine he understands what it would mean to the county if the home values in this area rose by 20% or more.

    Mr. Football, where did you get this map from and how did you make it? It is very neat and nice. It looks professional.

  7. I dont think it will be such a bad idea for Houston to consider putting a Metro Rail on FM 1960. FM 1960 is a very busy road. It'll be a great success. They are already about to make the Kuyrkendahl/FM1960 intersection an underpass.

  8. Do they keep them separated from the General Population?

    What about the K thru 8 kids?

    The Vistas Program is really designed for High School Students. It is geared toward pushing students to try harder to graduate, students who dont benefit from their home campus. The student ratio is smaller in Vistas than at a home campus. I assume it is easier to concentrate and perform a better effort there. Students still go to their home campus for extracurricular activities such as Band, Orchestra, Choir, Athletics, Dance, Drill Team and more. It's a really good program.

  9. Yes, it's called VISTAS - someone posted a link to it earlier. I hadn't heard of it until then. It's new and it's just 300 kids for starters. Basically, you can imagine it's all the Greenwood Forest and Huntwick kids.

    Actually Kids from all 4 High Schools are enrolled at this campus. Students meet at their assigned campus at 7:30am, then a bus from each High School campus takes these students to Vistas. Students can also drive. Students here recieve laptops to use for the school year. Its part of the Technology plan from the 2004 Bond Plan. Students at Krimmel will be the first regular campus next year to recieve laptops in Klein ISD according to Klein ISD Officials.

  10. I'm not sure that's such a great idea. Big school districts lead to slow decision making and cumbersome bureacracy. Often, everything gets muddled down to satisfy everyone and everyone suffers. Bigger is not always better. IMO, school districts should be smaller, more local, and more accountable.

    Even though HISD is the largest School District in the state and 8th largest in the country, It's by no means the best school district. I dont think it's that great at all, but every move they make ther're on the news.(Bond Programs ECT.)

  11. Yeah - I wonder how it would work if Spring ISD and Klein ISD were put together.

    I am developing a plan for a different school district system in the Houston area... And I want to know how it would work if Klein and Spring (minus the Houston portion of Spring ISD; All of Houston would be in Houston ISD) were in one school district called "North Harris ISD".

    If Klein and Spring ISD were combined that would be about 74,000 students in over 65 Campuses. I want to see this plan you are developing.

  12. All I know is that I was told that Construction would likely begin in 5 years on the next Klein HS with 2 years of construction.

    I'm sure the new HS will be a model of Klein Collins but slightly designed differently to accomadate Grade Level Housing. The new Intermediate will be modeled after Krimmel. Klein ISD uses the same building designs to save tax payers dollars. Currently Frank ES is the same floorplan as Benignus, and Krimmel IS is redesign of the Schindewolf Floorplan but still has same features.

  13. Good for you! We need more community volunteers like that.

    I'm not a big fan of the PASA report. I remember sitting through their big sales schpiel at one of the board meetings. They kept telling everyone that they had just completed a successful report for Spring ISD, and how that alone should impress everyone enough to hire them.

    Looking back at what happened to Spring's bond election, maybe they didn't do such a good job...

    You're right on that one!!

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