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  1. Probably my biggest complaint about Houston urban development - or maybe urban development in general - is that it focuses too much on "best use now". If this is not the best use in 30 years, then why offer a product where a 30 year mortgage is likely used to purchase? "Huge" might be a bit hyperbolic, but I agree additional residential development is good. These 5 town homes however have potential to max out at like, 15 residents? 10 if they're all car dependent, despite living right next to the metro. 10-15 people isn't as much as it could be for the neighborhood. I also pessimistically imagine at least 1 being an AirBnB right out of the gate, and a couple turn into rentals in 5 years.
  2. I really dislike this. I suppose I get it, because - Houston - but I still dislike it. It just seems like such a waste, long term, for a piece of land so close to a major downtown artery and rail stop. Perfect scenario: buy the whole block and do a podium or courtyard project. Essentially mirror NewHope. Even a true townhouse concept where the units are connected would have been a little better, right?
  3. I hope it succeeds, and I hope the car based townhomes going up at the corner of Sampson and Harrisburg are not a foreshadowing. Seriously though, I wish Houston P&D had the guts to do something about it.
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