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  1. SpaceGhost, You are correct in the approximate route. However, the rail was never built, the company was in the process of aquiring the land when the project was cancelled. If you look at the Harris County property maps of the Barker Reservoir you can see the alignment north of the old Westheimer road right-of-way. A friend of mine is the president of the Richmond Railroad Museum, We have discussed this at length and was able to confirm it with the museum historian.
  2. When you sell your house you are required to disclose if anyone died in the residence. You are also required to disclose if a ghost resides in the house. I doubt if most people admit to a death in the house. I'm pretty sure I would admit to the ghost part.
  3. I remember when Sakowitz closed the downtown store and consolidated to the Galleria location. I was a kid and worked to help move the phone system. We got to rumage through what was left downtown. My parents still have a set of silver flatware used in the restaurant. One of my chores was to crawl through the 30 foot ceiling and drop telephone lines to the cashier stations below.
  4. I make brag books for my soccer team each Fall and Spring. Anywhere from 150 to 200 5x7 photos in a season. I use Costco. It is a mat finish and you can choose whether or not to have them auto-correct. I usually tell them not too. I do my own preprocessing. My last batch was 15 cents a photo.
  5. I made some phone calls. You are right Eldridge Parkway was built on top of the old Addicks-Fairbanks Road. The area to the east was a temporary re-alignment used during construction. As a side note...historicaerials.com has some nice aerials of Addicks-Fairbanks Road back to 1957.
  6. Actually the old alignment of Addicks-Fairbanks Road is only a few yards to the east of Eldridge Parkway. Check out my page on the subject http://www.texasfreeway.com/Houston/historic/abandoned/Addicks-Fairbanks/images/Houston-Addicks-Fairbanks-Abandoned.html Ron
  7. Arne's has been open for a while. I went there in December.
  8. TX-6 from I-10 to US-290 was FM-1960. For the most part FM-359 from US-90A to Hempstead was TX-6. (Info verified by TxDOT highway designation database)
  9. Thanks!!! That was a big help. The abandoned railroad right-of-way show on the HCAD maps running next to the old Westheimer alignment (Beeler) is actually from the old Texas-Western RR. http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/topo/texas/txu-pclmaps-topo-tx-clodine-1915.jpg
  10. Here's one for discussion... I am looking for a map of the Barkers Reservoir before the Corps took over the land. HCAD shows a network of "closed" streets as well as an abandoned railroad ROW. SOme of the old street ROW's are still visable via Google maps and others.
  11. I found a photo in the Life photos in Google images which appears to show the turn of the spur to Rice. U. http://images.google.com/hosted/life/f?q=HOUSTON+source:life&prev=/images%3Fq%3DHOUSTON%2Bsource:life%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Dactive&imgurl=7636d355e3c3a176
  12. I came across a couple of photos title "Hermann Park Reservior" while on a photo hunt. Has anyone heard of it and have any more info? Here is a link to the page. http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/Building/2779/Hermann_Park_Reservoir.php
  13. In my teenage years I worked contract for a small telephone company. I helped move the phone system from the downtown store to the Post Oak location. As we gathered the phones from the downtown store we rumaged through some of the stuff left over. My parents have some of the silver spoons from the restaurant. One day it became one of my duties to crawl through the ceiling of the Post oak store to drop new phone lines to the counters below, because the knothead cabinet contractor covered up our conduits in the floor. That was scary crawling over and under pipes and A/C ducts 25 feet above the floor below across a stucco ceiling.
  14. I thought I had a photo of a section of rail from the electric railway. It was taken in the area of the brick in the last photo of the essay, but I couldn't find it.
  15. I posted the page on the abandoned Preston underpass. It can be found at http://www.texasfreeway.com/Houston/histor...-Underpass.html Enjoy.
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