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  1. There was indeed a movie called "Student Bodies" and it was mostly filmed around University of Houston. The movie "My Best Friend is a Vampire" was filmed here in Houston, and as you said - mostly filmed around Milby High School. I went to Bellaire High School (graduated in 1989) and we were recruited to perform a scene in "My Best Friend is a Vampire" over at Milby High School where our entire marching band marches down the field while the two main actors discuss his 'vampire' behavior of late. (Note: we were asked instead of Milby High School because Bellaire High School had the largest marching band at the time.) If you ever see the movie, you can see me playing the saxophone on screen for about 15 seconds marching in my white tube-socks. That's my claim to fame.
  2. This implosion is not going to be worth ANYBODYs time to go see. Most of this Methodist Dianostic Clinic building is already destroyed and Sunday will be the finishing touches. This will be a very disappointing event if you spend your Sunday morning to go see this little bit be leveled. Don't bother... Kevin
  3. I'm not quite following you. Can you specify where this old 'Domain Privie' gambling house was, specifically? Kevin
  4. Yes, exactly. They are on satellite and topographic maps well over 2 decades. old. The grass in the KHOU video shows weeds and grass that are obviously not representative of sod that hasn't seen humans in decades. Somebody is obiously maintaining them - but how? How do you get any type of lawn maintenance gear back there? Hell - it's hard enough to get a human body there, much less lawn equipment. Kevin
  5. I'm in. This Saturday works even better for me than Sunday, but I can do both. Kevin
  6. It is because there are no landmarks of where to begin diving into the forest looking for the markings. The road (or clearing as it is now) has no discernable spots that say "go to the right into the forest for 90 feet". If you get to Langham Creek, you've gone too far is all there is. Kevin
  7. What day do you recommend. The atv's need to be lifted over the gated fence, but otherwise will work. The flash lights are only needed for night work, which would be harder to really appreciate the formations once we get there. Do you have a recommended time? The KHOU video just makes me more curious than before. Kevin
  8. Here's a couple photos of the gate and road called "Lamb Road" leading to the markings. The gate is now completely locked up, but it's easy to walk over if a journey to the markings up close is desired. The video on KHOU.com actually peaks my interest in this even more. Why would somebody put these up? The video clearly shows the ground and grass to be quite low and somehow maintained. Getting any type of lawn mowing equipment back here would be excruciating. These markings are clearly meant to be here, both of them. I wonder if there is any signs on the ground of human history, like weapons, Coke bottles, or other human evidence. Kevin
  9. I emailed local TV Newsreporter Jeff McShan with KHOU CBS Channel 11 about this thread and the strange markings and he sent a news helicopter out to the markings today to look at them from the sky! They ran a brief story about them but not clarifying why they are there! Here's the raw video that the helicopter took: KHOU Addicks Strange Markings Raw Video
  10. WOW! I hadn't seen this satellite photo before. This makes me even more curious! Kevin
  11. I think a machete is wise advice. I don't have one though, and my GPS is lost so I hope somebody else has one. I'm game for this Saturday at 8:00am, so it won't be to hot. Anybody up for it? Kevin
  12. So... Are we aiming for Saturday, June 3rd @ noon?? Meeting place to be determined... Kevin
  13. There's no way this would be done at night. F**k that.. . Kevin
  14. Normally, Yes, I'd be in. But this is Memorial Day weekend and me, like many others, won't be available. How about Saturday after that at the same time. Kevin WOW! I'm shocked! This tiny road was big enough to be listed on a map of THIS SCALE in the 50's?? This is certainly the exact area of this "Lamb Road". I'm looking forward to going on an expidition with others to try to find this spot. My interest is at an all time high on this. Kevin
  15. No. This abandoned road just off Eldirge is about a 1/2 mile north of my 'mystery road' and is not apart of this threat. In my satellite photos of the area of interest, you can see the roads mentioned on texasfreeway.com just off Eldrige running north just past Patterson. The 'mystery' road just off Eldrige south of Patterson is very small and easy to miss. It's a small gated, but NOT LOCKED gate. I did not see a no tresspassing sign last time I was there. If a gathering is being developed to go see this area, I would like to go. Maybe between all of us, we'll find these strange man-man markings. Kevin
  16. Out in the middle of Addicks Resevior, in a small section just off the north-east corner of Highway 6 and I-10 is strange mystery road and some interesting markings. There is a small gated road leading off Eldrige Parkway (about a mile north of I-10) that heads west out into a dry field that clearly has been designated a trail for some type of automobile traffic a long long time ago. This small unpaved and unbelievably extremely overgrown road leads all the way to Langham Creek. The road does not show even the slightest hint that it has been driven on for many years! It's enough of a road of some sort to be listed on the 1980 terraserver.microsoft.com map shown below: Here's some great GoogleEarth images of the area of interest, from furthest zoomed out, to furthest zoomed in... I have been out to the area and driven to it, trying to locate it with a GPS. I have been around the exact spot on the GPS provided by terraserver and GoogleEarth and cannot locate these huge markings. One of the markings is a perfectly round circle with a dome in it and the other is a perfectly round circle with a cross in the middle. The two areas are far too perfect looking to be anything other than man-made - I just want to find out what it is. I should note, that this area is probably a 1/2' mile south from a semi-famous cemetary called the 'Blue Light Cemetary' that is located in Bear Creek Park. This cemetary was featured on Ripley's Believe it or Not as a haunted cemetary that emits an erie blue haze over the cemetary on full-moons. The immediate location of this cemetary is all the more reason to suspect that these markings have something to do with the cemetary. Does anybody have any hints as to what these markings are? Even zooming all the way in with the various satellite maps does not seem to answer this question, only make it more puzzling. Kevin Jackson kevinj@houston.rr.com
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