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  1. Thank you! What did you end up doing? In terms of housing situation. the train is a pain, got any idea if they plan on removing those tracks?Last night I was looking at new homes in the pearland 288 area. There is a lot of land there with 2500 sq ft houses for 185k. Its really temping. You are right, the living room is small, its high, but small. My parents love the place and said that it was all I needed. I'm 24 and live with my fiance, no kids. But I would like a place to entertain. Small parking and only 1250 sq ft make me think. And the places that I do like 1600sq ft, cost 225k. On the
  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned but they will be building a chick fil a there too.. Can't wait.
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    The Edge

    Anymore information on this project. MLS says completion June 2007.
  4. The approximate size is 1250 sq ft inside. 2 car garage. Looks tempting. I currently live in the heights, but want to move. Its near heights and washington ave. Or what about these.. I barely started getting into the market to purchase a new home. 179k
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