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  1. My realtor let me know about a property for sale priced 55k UNDER hcad appraised value. The house obviously needs some work, but possibly no more than 20k of work(if your an investor you probably have contacts with contractors.) This is in a neighborhood where homes sell for 5-10k above appraised value. And this home is appraised at 108k and has been foreclosed on. Its for sale in the high 50s. I could make a killer profit on it. But I have already committed my money towards another home. Any novice investors been in this situation before? Where you KNOW you could make a killer profit. I c
  2. right now it is just the lots for sale. no plans for development.
  3. wow, thats a real unorganized series of events. glad you got out.If the project goes to plan, it will undoubtebly look great, but until then.......
  4. very cool. i read that in yesterdays paper. Its going to be a huge HEB. With the line off 288 trying to get onto 518, every afternoon, I can imagine how busy that center will be.
  5. sweet. I can't wait to go. I hate driving all the way to the galeria, when i'm in the heights.
  6. I noticed in a txdot article that they would be holding another meeting this spring. Well, its now summer 2006 and I cant find any recent information on this project. Any updates?
  7. Here's a picture I snapped today. They now have a trailer in place selling the townhomes.
  8. agreed. I can't wait until 5-10 years from now, to see how the area looks. I can't imagine the wharehouses being there much longer. The reaon why some of them haven't left is probably because it looks like their machinery is so old, moving would mean purchasing a whole patch of machines and processors.
  9. Oh.. sorry.. Nothing new, just some clearing. I haven't passed by there in a couple of weeks, so things could have changed.
  10. Things are looking good. Construction on new homes is booming on the south side of betway 8 on pearland pkwy! Pearland pkwy itself, looks great! Why are you wanting that area over the west side of Pearland, 288 and 518?
  11. do you mind sharing your problem? Only because I didn't think it would actually work, I guess I was wrong.
  12. thanks for the update.The pearland forum is slow moving, but I appreciate it.
  13. That's with it. MUD, city, school district, etc.
  14. That actually is their sales tactic. LOW TAXES.. It's all relatively speaking of course and I know that. The tax rate in that particular new subdivision is 3.29% compared to the others 3.8 and even shadow creek ranchs' 4.21% Its crazy!!!!!!!!
  15. cool! Thanks. I was wondering if the lady was just using that as a sales tactic or if it was a real possibility. Even if I pay taxes on those 3 months, it almost like paying no real taxes until 2008.. Not bad.
  16. Here's a similar question. Lets say I move into a new construction home in October of this year. Come 2006, will I be paying taxes on the prorated amount of the home or just taxes on the "dirt?" The sales lady told me that the city of Pearland has been taxing homes on the dirt value for the prorated year, not sure how true that is. Any input??
  17. thanks for the update. very well worth it. I thought those hearing where in a place with an "audience." Much less intimidating the way you say it is.
  18. probably similar to the galleria Target.
  19. Houston is very much growing. There are certain inner loop areas that are bustling with new residential developments. And lets not even talk about the houston suburbs! They are growing like weeds. Albeit, they have slowed down a notch in the last year. But they have been growing immensly in the past 10 years.
  20. I agree. I was recently looking for a home in the 77584 zip code. Homes there are nice and the neighborhood is quiet. The subdivision was about to closeout, and I really wanted a "new" home. So we decided on Avalon Terrace, about a mile east on 518. That is also a quiet small subdivision. My parents live in Silverlake, very nice, but it gets very big. Luckily they live in the front subdivisions of Silverlake, but if you live in the middle or rear, it can get hard to get out. Make a left, then right, then another right, then left, finally a left, then another right, the house will be to the lef
  21. Interesting. I wouldn't doubt it. The city needs to do something with the Astrodome. But at the same time, they just can't give someone a 30 year lease to "experiment" with it. I would check it out, I like parks where I can enjoy the intimacy of the moon lighting. Not sure how that will work out at the dome.
  22. Shadow creek is a really nice area. I decided not to move there because of the 4.2% tax rate. That is just tooooo high.. Nice area though.
  23. I just signed a purchase agreement last night on a david weekly home. I can back out with relative ease, but it seems very nice and worth it. House will take 4 months to build, but I'm pretty confident with that area.
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