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  1. Bummer. The article states that there will be 279 residential units replacing 675 apartments. Considering how over-retailed this portion of town is, especially of the "high-end" variety, and the lack of large developable tracts in that location, I am looking at this as a net negative.
  2. Glad to say that even that photo is outdated. Austin has a few more tall buildings in that area now. Even this photo will be obsolete within a few months. I know that the new 32 mile long Commuter Rail Line connecting Downtown with the Suburbs to the north will be opening later this year.
  3. GW Carver High School for Applied Technology, Engineering, and the Arts in NW Houston
  4. Census projections. Since no one stated the obvious, I thought I would.
  5. Well he did say "Houston really is an entirely different animal, so comparisons are difficult"
  6. Dallas Morning News: Dallas at the Tipping Point I found this special section to be quite interesting. What do you think can happen to Dallas as crime increases and education and quality of life decreases in many areas of that particular city? (please merge or delete if duplicate thread)
  7. Someone who commented on the Chron website had a good point when they mentioned that Houston does have a memorable quote that could be used as a slogan: "Houston: We Have a Problem". I hear that way more than I hear "I Heart NY", or "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas", or "Texas: Its like a Whole Nother Country". Plus, its true; we do have a problem.
  8. I usually say that about any group that represent large portions of universities. I sometimes say that about UT spewing engineers into Austin's economy. lol. I meant that in the most inoffensive manner.
  9. Um....not really. Miami has been ahead of Houston on that list for years. It ranks how impressive the skyline is adding in factors such as breadth and length besides height. Houston will be ahead of Miami in terms of "tallness" for at least a 8 more years. The proposals Miami are seeing are very impressive and I do expect for them to pass us up....but not so soon. A bit of info....Miami has only two completed structures over 200 meters with five more under construction. Houston has 15 skyscrapers over 200 meters tall (including two over 300 meters) with one more under construction. Miami's co
  10. ......which is something the residents of the condo would gladly utilize.
  11. Kind of looks like the new 657ft Symphony Tower that just completed construction in Atlanta.
  12. Well, i think that our port and NASA makes its mark on Houston's reputation. We do have national recognition in many areas, just as Dallas, Austin, SA, or Fort Worth does. I will admit that many things (such as the hurricanes, Enron, crazy killer ladies aka Andrea Yates, Clara Harris, Lisa Novack, cheerleader mom, and other stuff like pollution, unattractiveness, etc) that thrust Houston into the national news light are not the most desirable things. But we are still a top tourist destination (business trips or otherwise) in the nation. So many do get to see the REAL Houston
  13. Of course not, but since most African Americans or black people do not know exactly where their ancestors come from, they just say "Black Pride", rather than "Nigerian Pride", or "Ghana Pride". Hispanics and whites are more likely to know where their families are from
  14. A major reason is the University of Houston, which spews out thousands of international Asians into the Houston job market each year. Also our medical industry helps retains graduates
  15. I have pics from the Austin City Limits Festival. Look at the radical change in the Austin skyline in just a years time. ACL 2006 ACL 2007
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