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  1. Wow, thanks JLWM, fantastic find. Now I'm convinced that the route was: 1 - University to Main (videos show the motorcade leaving Rice Stadium on the University side, the news article clearly says they took Main to go to Rich Building, and the videos show them heading toward downtown) 2 - Main to Pierce (as was suggested, and your map clearly shows there was no way to jump on today's 59) 3 - Pierce along 45 feeder and on to 45 (the news article clearly says they took the Gulf Freeway) 4 - Reveille / 35 to Westover (your map shows the importance of 35 as a thoroughfare, and the video shows them arriving to the Rich Building on Westover) Since the news article didn't name 35 as being on the route, I was thinking it was supposition as well. But I just don't think by looking at your map they would have exited the Gulf Freeway anytime before 35 and I see no reason they wouldn't have taken 35 on the last leg, especially since they arrived on Westover. Good sleuthing, but I am 100% convinced now. I'll drop in if I ever hear form the Secret Service history department, but not holding my breath.
  2. One caveat to note from my post above. On another forum, someone posted a reply regarding the leg of the route - turning off Main and getting on 59 to connect to 45. I have a message out to the Secret Service history office, perhaps they will confirm that leg of the route. But the poster suggested that the elevated part of 59 (or perhaps 59 completely) didn't exist at the time of Kennedy's visit. If true, for that leg, he perhaps stayed on Main to Pierce and Pierce to the 45 feeder street. All other portions I am quite confident in.
  3. Okay all, I have an answer! JFK Visit – September 11-12, 1962: Arrived Houston International Airport (now Hobby) at 6:15 PM Stayed evening at Rice Hotel 909 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002 (Sept 11, 1962) September 12: Left Rice Hotel 9:34 AM Motorcade travelled down Main St to University Dr, to Rice Stadium at 9:58 AM (route per El Paso news article, pasted below, and video shows the motorcade arriving off University) Presidential address at Rice Stadium 10:15 AM to 10:30 AM Travelled to the Rich Building, arriving 11:10 AM: University to Main (per video and El Paso news article) Main to Hermann Dr to San Jacinto to Highway 59 (Main per El Paso news article and video showing them headed toward downtown, educated guess on turning on San Jacinto) (Unsure if there was a way to enter 59 directly from Main, today you need to go San Jacinto to 59 feeder to get on 59 easily, but the elevated portion of 59 today was likely how it was in 1962 – it's been that way since as long as I can remember) Highway 59 to Gulf Freeway (Gulf Freeway per El Paso news article) Gulf Freeway to Reveille St / Route 35 (Gulf Freeway per El Paso news article, Reveille/35 is listed as a main route on the MSC map) Reveille to Westover (educated guess, but Roundup notes they turned into the Westover entrance, and video clearly shows them arriving on Westover) (Futher evidence the route information above is correct: The El Paso news article details as to time of arrivals and departures match extremely closely with the official JFK Visit minutes AND the article notes a "10 mile drive" from the stadium to the Rich Building – the route described above is exactly 10.7 per google maps, the author back then would have rounded and been just slightly less precise. Also, the article notes the speed of the motorcade would be judged by the crowds. If they took only streets, such as OST to Telephone, it would have taken a lot longer than 40 minutes to get to the Rich Building – Google maps says it's only 18 minutes by the route above on today's roads, but it makes sense they would have taken time going up Main to 59, and time on Reveille and Westover near the Rich Building. Even today, it is likely more like 25-30 minutes with some traffic to take the above route.). Departed Rich Building for Houston International Airport 12:39 PM
  4. Hello all - This may not be completely architectural related, but I am somewhat of a pass-time historian about NASA's early years in Houston. I am trying to find out the actual route of the motorcade route for John Kennedy’s visit to Houston in 1962. He had two visits, one in 1962 (to visit NASA and delivered his famous speech at Rice University) and one in 1963 (just before he was shot in Dallas). Obviously, I am interested in 1962. Surprisingly, I have tried more obvious avenues of finding this (internet searches, postings on social media groups, contacting the JFK library, etc.) to no avail. I have an email into what I believe is HPDs history department. I know that he stayed at the Rice Hotel, and through pictures and common sense, it seems to get from his hotel to Rice University, he went down Main to the Med Center. It would be great to verify. But what’s really hard to find and what I am more interested in is the route he took to go from Rice University to the NASA location then known as the Rich Building, which is today Ambox (6040 Telephone Rd, Houston, TX 77087). NASA was in temporary locations before the JSC was opened in 1964. I know through a detail itinerary found online he went straight from Rice University to the Rich Building, then from there to what is today Hobby Airport. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Some years late to this party, but here you go... https://uhcl-ir.tdl.org/bitstream/handle/10657.1/860/JSC-org-11-05-002.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y And https://uhcl-ir.tdl.org/bitstream/handle/10657.1/859/JSC-org-11-05-001.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y
  6. Actually, found it. Congrats to whoever guessed a Mercury above. It is clearly a 1963 Mercury Monterey 4 door. Thanks all!
  7. Okay all... I found a much better picture of the car I am trying to identify! All you classic car buffs, please help me out! What make, model and year is this?
  8. Actually, scratch that... I dont think it's the same car in the 1970 photo. Looks different when you compare the fuzzy pic of the back end just a couple posts up.
  9. I deleted a pic here, apparently the wrong car...
  10. Hey @mollusk, I saved this thread link and stumbled across it this morning again. Totally missed this post a while back, but it's a great thought. May have unraveled the final piece of why they did this.
  11. No, but some friends of theirs did. I was reconstructing a bio of their time during the NASA days, and details are sometimes fun to find and document, as it sheds further light on what life was like for them. And @cowboybud... thanks! Not sure how the heck you were able to find that! What's interesting is it kind of shows how far flung Houston was even back in 1967. Their friend's wedding was near downtown, and they went there for the reception. Of course, they all worked down in Clear Lake at NASA. So guess it was normal back then too to be all over the place. Houston is massive.
  12. Does anyone remember the Hawaiian Village on South Main in Houston? It was apparently a reception venue for weddings and am curious to figure out what the street address was for a bio I am writing. Google didn't turn up much. I do know it was in existence in 1967.
  13. Man! Thanks all for comments and suggestions. I'm not a student of classic cars, so had no idea there were so many close possibilities. I discovered the back end of it in another photo. Guess if I really want to solve this one, I'll need to scour through boxes of pictures again. From memory though, they simply didn't take pictures with their cars. It's hard to really say what make and model it is from these. My cousin mentioned she thought Mom drove a Valiant. But the problem I see with that is (as someone pointed out) I too don't see the second part of the angled feature on the fender just above the wheel well. But then if it was a Ford, I don't see molding. I hadn't noticed that the rear wheel well was lower than the front. But then it looks like the Valiant and the Ford guesses both had that. Someone asked... No, my parents weren't dedicated to any one brand, so I can't assume that early-60s car was an earlier model of a later one I knew as a kid. Good thought, but parents had Cadillacs, Cutlass, mini-vans, etc. I'll be sure to post whether I figure this out somehow! Or get a clearer picture.
  14. Hmmm... My cousin's note said she thought it was a Valiant. When I look at detail pictures of Valiant's I don't see the second line just above the wheel well. Guessing it would have been a 1962 or 1963 model.
  15. Hello all - I know this isn't about Houston architecture, but I have posted other times on this board seeking help about historic Houston and people seem extremely knowledgeable here and helpful. I am still exploring my parent's history in Houston in the 1960s, and am wondering if you can help me figure out what kind of car they drove, down to the model year. I have a note from a cousin as to what my mom drove in high school, and suspect what she told me is what I see I the photo. But I don't want to venture the guess so as not to taint you in your guess. But I can say my mom graduated high school in 1963 and the photo below was taken in 1968, and I have reason to believe the car in the photo is not a new car (so, it's likely an early 60s model). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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