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  1. Actually, found it. Congrats to whoever guessed a Mercury above. It is clearly a 1963 Mercury Monterey 4 door. Thanks all!
  2. Okay all... I found a much better picture of the car I am trying to identify! All you classic car buffs, please help me out! What make, model and year is this?
  3. Actually, scratch that... I dont think it's the same car in the 1970 photo. Looks different when you compare the fuzzy pic of the back end just a couple posts up.
  4. I deleted a pic here, apparently the wrong car...
  5. Hey @mollusk, I saved this thread link and stumbled across it this morning again. Totally missed this post a while back, but it's a great thought. May have unraveled the final piece of why they did this.
  6. No, but some friends of theirs did. I was reconstructing a bio of their time during the NASA days, and details are sometimes fun to find and document, as it sheds further light on what life was like for them. And @cowboybud... thanks! Not sure how the heck you were able to find that! What's interesting is it kind of shows how far flung Houston was even back in 1967. Their friend's wedding was near downtown, and they went there for the reception. Of course, they all worked down in Clear Lake at NASA. So guess it was normal back then too to be all over the place. Houston is m
  7. Does anyone remember the Hawaiian Village on South Main in Houston? It was apparently a reception venue for weddings and am curious to figure out what the street address was for a bio I am writing. Google didn't turn up much. I do know it was in existence in 1967.
  8. Man! Thanks all for comments and suggestions. I'm not a student of classic cars, so had no idea there were so many close possibilities. I discovered the back end of it in another photo. Guess if I really want to solve this one, I'll need to scour through boxes of pictures again. From memory though, they simply didn't take pictures with their cars. It's hard to really say what make and model it is from these. My cousin mentioned she thought Mom drove a Valiant. But the problem I see with that is (as someone pointed out) I too don't see the second pa
  9. Hmmm... My cousin's note said she thought it was a Valiant. When I look at detail pictures of Valiant's I don't see the second line just above the wheel well. Guessing it would have been a 1962 or 1963 model.
  10. Hello all - I know this isn't about Houston architecture, but I have posted other times on this board seeking help about historic Houston and people seem extremely knowledgeable here and helpful. I am still exploring my parent's history in Houston in the 1960s, and am wondering if you can help me figure out what kind of car they drove, down to the model year. I have a note from a cousin as to what my mom drove in high school, and suspect what she told me is what I see I the photo. But I don't want to venture the guess so as not to taint you in your guess. But I can say my mom graduated hi
  11. Well... no sooner than I posted that did it dawn on me the "F" in the photo must be Foleys! LOL... Pretty sue that's it looking at old photos... leaving up anyway in case this is a fun memory to share about the NASA parade...
  12. Hello all - I realize there is VERY little to go on here, but wondering if anyone can help me figure out where exactly this is downtown. It was July 1962 when the Manned Spacecraft Center moved to Houston. There was a parade downtown to celebrate. My grandmother likely took the photo, as I found it in a box of her pictures. My dad had moved to Houston with NASA (but they didn't know him yet). It would be fun to know the exact block they were standing to watch the parade and take this photo, but would need to be able to identify the building across the street (pretty plain look
  13. Hi All! Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to comment on this thread for me! I wish I had known this time in my dad and mom's lives. We effectively lost my father when I was 13, so I never really got the chance as an adult to learn what it was like for them in the 60s and the Space Race. And I guess you just don't think about asking your other parent (mom) after so much time had passed. She passed in 2015, and only after have I gotten interested in reconstructing every detail I can about their lives during the space race. Thanks so much for unlocking what "the T
  14. Correct. When the Manned Spacecraft Center (now known as Johnson Space Center) first moved to Houston from Virginia, it was temporarily in buildings all over the area around Gulfgate Mall and Hobby Airport. This was from late 1961 to March 1964, when the MSC was finally built and opened on NASA Rd. 1. Flipbook on the temporary MSC - https://uhcl-ir.tdl.org/handle/10657.1/860
  15. Regarding the Postal Zones, many thanks all! But I'm still perplexed by my dad's use of "Houston 1". See the attached snips. One is from his NASA paper. He was working in the temporary Manned Spacecraft Center buildings on I-45 near Gulfgate Mall (specifically, the Houston Petroleum Center near I-45 and Telephone). That was 1963, so the "Postal Zone" theory may work. It's still weird he would have done that on NASA memos (e.g. I don't write zip codes on my work memos, but then people had just moved to Houston from Langley Field in Virginia, so maybe it made more sense for them). Then
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