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  1. 2 hours ago, 2ndwardOG said:

    Spoke to Kaldis there will be a boardwalk in the middle of the container spaces which will be leased individually. RR's have graffiti tiles and he has already leased out a few spots to high end clients. Overall great looking building...


    Do you know if they're meant to be office/co-working spaces or small-scale retail popups (akin to Boxpark in London) or something else entirely?

  2. I'm really excited about this - it looks a lot like the Heights Mercantile development on 7th St. between Yale and Heights and I hope it brings in similar businesses (especially Local Foods). Either way, it will be very nice to have this easily accessible by bike or foot from Eastwood and parts of Second Ward to serve as an activity hub for the neighborhood and nudge some more development in the available empty warehouses further west along McKinney. With The Plant right up the street at Harrisburg and East End Backyard just down the street at Lamar, Sampson is also becoming quite the corridor.

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  3. 58 minutes ago, thedistrict84 said:

    Boo! #parksnotparkinglots


    (I’m only half joking. The parking lot they have seems like overkill, and there is plenty of street parking nearby)


    I am 100% agreement; plenty of street parking around there and we already have too much of the city's space dedicated to cars. I did neglect to mention that their patio looks solid. She mentioned that they also have a canopy that shades it, but it was taken down in advance of the threat of Laura.

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  4. This place is indeed open. We stopped in for a coffee this morning since Giant Leap is temporarily unavailable until they move into their new space at the Plant and nothing else is open at 7am (Xela opens at 8, Coral Sword at 9, and Bohemeo's is still temporarily closed). Good coffee, friendly service, lots of workspaces (including private booths) and plenty of parking.

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  5. Someone on Nextdoor posted photos of construction activity on this triangular lot at the corner of Telephone and Henninger and according to those working on the site, it's going to be a coffee shop. I drove past yesterday (and failed to get photos - sorry), and it looks like there's potential for a great patio/beer garden with some shipping container structures in addition to the main building, kind of like Retrospect next to Axelrad. Coral Sword's just a few blocks up Telephone, but this new spot could be great if they focus on patio atmosphere.

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  6. Posted via Instagram last night, Street to Kitchen Thai is moving from their current kitchen on Cavalcade to the East End (It looks like the spot that used to be a Popeyes, next to the gas station). They used to do pretty frequent popups at Danny Speedo's and their food is pretty great so this is VERY exciting news.

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  7. 20 hours ago, thedistrict84 said:

    For cyclists, the bicycle lanes on Polk a few blocks south-southwest (which are currently being redone) and the Harrisburg Hike and Bike Trail just across Harrisburg are much better suited as east/west corridors for recreational and commuter cyclists.


    I ride a lot and completely disagree with this - maybe it'll be different when the bike lanes are redone, but currently on Polk there's always a ton of debris in the bike lanes (especially under the railroad bridge near Milby), plenty of vehicle traffic, and the miserably long light at Scott. The Hike and Bike trail requires slowing at every street crossing (same with Columbia Tap). As long as you don't get stuck at the train near Milby, McKinney is by far the best cycle connector between Dumble and downtown - it's a straight shot with relatively low traffic, few stop lights, a second lane in each direction, and an easy jog over to Polk to cross 59. I'll always opt for McKinney or Leeland over Polk or the Harrisburg trail.

  8. 20 hours ago, thedistrict84 said:

    To address the core issue here, the City needs to revisit the intersection at McKinney and Cullen. It should be a four way stop. I understand that a traffic study led to the removal of the light that was at Cullen, but I feel that that study was a bit premature given the predictable future increases in traffic volume.


    Not to mention the poor visibility of eastbound traffic around the corner on McKinney when stopped at the northbound stop sign on Cullen.

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  9. I couldn't find another topic about this place, but the building at 612 Live Oak that's been under renovation for a while now has signs in the parking lot and what looks like a fully built-out bar inside. An old Swamplot post says it's a co-working space with kitchen and bar. Their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts haven't had any updates in quite a while, but it looks like this place is nearing completion. Somehow I left without taking a photo of the outside of the building, but I got one of the parking lot sign, and the interior through the window (please forgive the awful glare).



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  10. 5 hours ago, Texasota said:

    What would really be best would be something new - something unique to the neighborhood that draws people in, rather than just replicates something already available a few miles away.


    Agreed - something cool and unique would be ideal. If it had to be a chain, I'd want Local Foods.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Montrose1100 said:

    Places I want to try:


    Sigma Brewing Company

    Taqueria Los Mexicanos

    Lil' Danny Speedo's Go Fly a Kite Lounge




    Taqueria Los Mexicanos is fantastic and highly recommended!


    Sigma and LDSGFaKL don't serve their own food, but Speedo's frequently has pretty good food trucks and pop-ups (Street to Kitchen Thai, Pan de Taco, etc).


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  12. La Esquina

    Taco Truck with patio seating and bathroom (!)

    Hunt @ Harrisburg

    Breakfast tacos, barbacoa, horchata

    Usually a cooler of free beer on weekends


    Cajun Stop

    Jefferson @ Hutchins

    Shrimp Po' boy with cocktail sauce

    Not BYOB


    La Reynera


    McKinney, near Cullen

    Killer tortas, bolillos, conchas, etc

    Not sure about BYOB; more of a takeout spot


    Cafe TH


    Pease at St. Emanuel

    Hu Tieu Do Bien (seafood noodle soup), but really anything is good






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  13. 32 minutes ago, samagon said:


    if you're looking for authentic Thai, you've got the best Thai restaurant in Houston, sure you have to go all the way down to Lockwood and Leeland, but it's still in the East End, and it really is very good.




    I'm not aware of a good Chinese restaurant in the area.


    Any recommendations for dishes at Kanomwan? I've been (admittedly only once) and it was underwhelming, but could have been an off night or maybe I ordered the wrong dish. I'm definitely willing to give it another shot.

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