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  1. 5 hours ago, Andrew Ewert said:

    Eh, it may be a little silly but these are definitely the going rates for this type of barber shop these days. I've been to several in the city - Cutthroat, East End, Bison, Argyle - and these prices are pretty standard. It's definitely a luxury.

    I've been going to Argyle League for years for the simple reason (besides good haircuts) that they know how to keep a schedule. I know that my appointment will start on time and 45 mins later I'll be on my way.

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  2. On 8/23/2021 at 11:00 AM, samagon said:

    and when trains aren't stopped on the tracks they can walk to the new BBQ place, or Kickin' Kombucha. both pretty good things.

    I lived at Telephone and Lawndale for 13 years (in May I moved down Lawndale about a mile), the area has changed so much in that time, it's gotten better in most respects, but in others (gunshots) it's gotten worse. I think this is an issue everywhere though, and I'm still very happy to live in the East End.

    I also think the higher volume of higher value places will help with the gunshot thing, I think they'll be more likely to reach out to the constable, or other people who can respond to that stuff.

    I've been near Lantrip for five years and the gunshots have definitely been way worse for the past 18 months or so; back around Feb it seemed like we were hearing them 2-3x/week. It's been a little quieter lately, thankfully.

  3. On 6/1/2021 at 3:34 PM, samagon said:

    if anyone is interested, that's the same plastic underlayment they used for Saint Arnold's and it's a local Houston company. they're made from recycled plastics only.


    they're surprisingly affordable, I used them to make an extension to my driveway when I got married and suddenly a 1 lane driveway wasn't enough.

    Mind if I send you a private message about this? I'd like to replace our grass "driveway" with some TrueGrid and gravel and have some questions.

  4. I likewise checked it out last week and had a similarly awesome experience. The drinks and food were great and the buildout of the space is incredible. The only suggestion I'd have for them is that they could really use a bike rack.

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  5. 48 minutes ago, 77011transplant said:

    That's too bad. I got a latte, and it reminded me of Xela which I enjoy. It was kind of pricey though. 

    $5.50 for a cold brew was a little rich for my blood. That said, I'm glad to have the option if there's a stopped train blocking my path to any of the shops north of Harrisburg.

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  6. 1 hour ago, samagon said:

    it seems like someone really decided we needed more BBQ in the East End. 

    there's the one that's been perpetually under construction since pre-pandemic at Leeland near Emancipation.

    there's the one on Sampson for which @ljchou just started a topic.

    and near Dismuke and Lawndale, which used to be Stephanie's Ice House, there's another BBQ place opening up. Harris County General Store BBQ Company is what Google maps says, and it also says they're open now.

    not that I'm complaining, I love BBQ, just seems that someone hosted a seminar for how to open a BBQ restaurant and everyone decided to go for it.

    When I saw @ljchou's post about a potential new BBQ joint on Sampson I had a similar reaction - I'm glad new places are opening, but the area could really use some cuisine diversity. Roostar and Street to Kitchen are a start; my absolute long shot hope is that 369 reopens somewhere in the neighborhood 😆 (along with, maybe, a Local Foods). 

    I don't think there's a separate thread for it, but Kickin' Kombucha has moved a few doors down into the old El Greco space and expanded with a market, café and kitchen (with some pretty great cochinita pibil tacos). Lawndale's coming up nicely.


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  7. 3 hours ago, ljchou said:

    Finally a permit for a 3k sqft coffee shop/retail buildout that will be Giant Leap. I heard through the grapevine that it will likely manifest as something other than "Giant Leap", still coffee shop but perhaps more upscale like a cafe.

    I remember hearing way back when that Giant Leap was planning for the new space to include a draft beer program; I hope it also includes a kitchen with café-type food (sandwiches, salads, etc). The neighborhood could desperately use it.

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  8. Segundo Coffee is up and running - they have a stand set up so they can serve during the build out of their shipping container space. They currently plan to be open MWF around 8am, though they were open this morning as they'll be closed tomorrow in preparation for an event they're doing on Saturday.

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  9. 9 hours ago, NenaE said:

    This house is much older than the HCAD - 1930's built info. says..(nothing new). I'm guessing it is at least from the early 1900's, if not older. The property directly behind the pictured house (all the way to Polk) is listed as the "Brady Estate" (Map, year 1908). Wondering if this house has a link to J.T. Brady.

    Nothing new indeed. HCAD lists our house as built in 1939, but I was chatting with a local realtor who knew the former owners of the house who had done some research into its history and it seems more likely it was built around 1918.

  10. 46 minutes ago, thedistrict84 said:

    Drove by today. They are making progress on the buildout of the last storefront along Sampson, nearest to Harrisburg. They've also added a sliding window to the wall facing the front patio of How to Survive.

    I assume this particular suite will be the permanent location of Giant Leap? 

    A while ago (probably >1 year), there was a little Giant Leap placard on the door farthest from Harrisburg, closest to the back parking lot along Sampson. I also vaguely recall seeing something (maybe an Instagram story) suggesting the storefront closest to Harrisburg might be Popston

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  11. 12 hours ago, ljchou said:

    We just stopped by on the way home. Great drinks. Very cool vibe. Highly recommend. Open concept with cocktails and snacks and eclectic jungle theme.

    Between your pics and what I saw on the IG story, I'm really excited to check this place out. I had high hopes for White Rhino, but the ridiculously loud music at 4pm on a Friday and mediocre drinks had me happy we at least still have Voodoo Queen across the street. If Fitzcarraldo can maintain a chill vibe, I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time on that patio (and bringing plenty of out-of-town visitors).

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  12. 9 minutes ago, JBTX said:

    That said, there is a lot of housing in the area with all the new townhome developments, Forth at Navigation, some of the older townhomes, so, may have a lot of foottraffic. The way I look at it is this: if Tout Suite and Moontower could survive before the townhome density popped off, I'm sure a food court can survive.

    There are also a lot of coworking spaces in the area, and with the pandemic subsiding it's likely more workers will be returning and needing nearby lunch (and happy hour?) options.

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