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  1. I was at the Galleria yesterday and noticed that the crosswalk on Post Oak between Dillards & Neiman Marcus appears to have been abandoned? I was aware of the construction in the area and just assumed that being very heavily used, it would be reinstated once the project was nearing its completion, but that appears not to be the case. What was the rationale behind this decision - are Houston pedestrians not trusted to use a crosswalk now that the trolley line is going in? The absence of the crosswalk didn't appear to have any effect, since hundreds of people navigating from Dillards & the parking garage behind it to the Galleria proper simply jaywalked across Post Oak where the crosswalk used to be. Seems like an accident can't be too far off - is it too late for this to be revisited?
  2. Only a matter of time before new development made its way south outside the loop on Stella Link. This parcel and others round it have very easy Med Center access, particularly with the large TMC3 expansion.
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