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  1. Try Lee Edwards Auto shop he does decent work. He has really cheap prices and has done excellent work for me. 6939 Calhoun Rd Houston,TX 77021 713-747-9297. He is very good at finding used parts.
  2. Cool its cool outside!!!

  3. I was born here in the 80's and came across this on the internet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNXDF2hOR3Q
  4. Apparently Florida's Governor rejected their $2.4 billion in Stimulus funds for high speed rail. This has left many States vying for these funds including Claifornia, and the District of Columbia. TXDOT has requested $43 million for "preliminary engineering and environmental studies" for a Houston-Dallas line that would be most likely an express with little or no stops.
  5. Well it looks like we have offically started rebuilding as Battier and Brooks are gone which leaves Chuck as the only player left from The McGrady-Yao-VanGundy ERA Rockets moving forward I hope Thabeet becomes a "NBA" player soon enough, but I believe he will protect the rim way better than anybody we have now. Funny how Shane was our best shot-blocker, but Thabeet should be better (shot-blocker @ the rim) and also should change alot of shots as well. Like Hakeem he has not played Basketball his whole life, and comes from a soccer background. If anybody can help him it would be Hakeem The D
  6. Stros n Texans Win Good Times

  7. Watching Team USA can't wait for Texans kickoff

  8. There are not many places that recycle Styrofoam, best thing is try not to use it. Here are some helpful links!!! Texas Take Back Recycling in the Houston-Galveston Region Looks like the best place to drop off in Harris County is @ the City of Houston North Environmental Service Center. City of Houston North Environmental Service Center And one for FT Bend Residents. Fort Bend County Recycling Center/HHW
  9. No new updates but here are a few recent articles on the expansion. Work on 290 to start by next summer TxDOT: U.S. 290 work would cost $4.6 billion
  10. The Astros have come to terms with Delino Deshields Jr their highest pick since Phil Nevin was taken 1st overall in 1992. Astros come to terms with top pick Astros, Deshields agree on contract Also Astros have been streaking as of late. I must say it definitely is a nice change from the beginning of the season when I could not even watch a game!!! I feel like I'm back in 2001 watching Roy O, Octavio Dotel, Tim Redding, Adam Everett, Julio Jugo, and Lance Berkman. Angel Sanchez almost hit a cycle last night and had 6 RBIs for the Astros 7th straight!!! Sanchez powers streaking Astros in rout As
  11. Imo, its about helping your community and enjoying with your kids. Its a chance to do something as a family with other families while helping the environment. If only the kids/adults that actually use Buffalo Bayou assisted in cleaning it up, then it would be trashy all the time. Not assisting in cleaning up the bayou because I don't live next to it is like saying we should not help with the oil spill because its not affecting our beaches. What a perfect world it would be if all kids decided on their own to clean up the parks they use? To me its not coercion, because personally if my niec
  12. Brett Wallace just got his 1st major league hit!!!
  13. Looks like Berkman to the Yankees. I would like to see a Phillies, Yankees rematch with Roy O and Berkman in the mix!!!!! Berkman may be on the move too Report: Berkman deal in place Good for Berkman wonder who the Astros will get back?
  14. Man U is a good team that has practiced and played together many times vs a team put together on the fly. Man U lost to the KC Wizards earlier in the week 2-1 who are 5th in the East.Kansas City 2, Man Utd 1 Love it that Ching and Derasario
  15. Come out August 7, 2010 and help clean up the Bayou. I think its cool when they through events on the Bayou. The KBR kids day was a blast!!! Eco Bash on the Bayou Volunteer Here
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