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  1. Putting all of the unnecessary bickering on this thread aside, I have a few different friends that live in condos built by Techsun, in Montrose, Rice Military, and I think my buddy in Camp Logan as well. Techsun homes are usually nice, and have decent finishes, etc. One of my gripes are that they can be slightly generic and sometimes have hardiplank sides which completely contradict the contemporary or mediterranean style of the fronts and seem cheepish. The homes to be constructed well, and have decent floor plans.

    These units are located just north of W. Gray, but if you go a few blocks south East of Taft between Webster and Welch there are some really neat lofts and townhouses (unfortunately mixed in with the red brick and vinyl clad townhouses) but have a sort of village feeling. One of my friends lives in the Parker Lofts on Webster, and for a similar price point if you can get your hands on a unit there I would highly recommend it. There are also some cool loft/townhouse conversions one block east on Webster that are pretty neat. Plus, you can walk to get the BEST burger in town at Lankford's, an eccentric little joint that is locally famous. Of course, I have no idea what is available in this neighborhood but if I were looking in this area it is where I would want to be.

  2. I'm glad he used the photos that show the house better, if it helped find someone that might save it, all the better.

    Whatever else one might say about the "sales pitch," I for one am not going to complain. It is, at least, a response to the home's architectural significance. It certainly beats the one Martha Turner did when they had it and didn't even consider it worthy of pictures at all.

    This is a good point. It is an odd approach but does at least recognize something.

  3. I found this house today and it's unique to say the least. I love how the front wall is taller than the roofline, so it appears to just be a wall with nothing behind it. Great optical illusion. It does look like it's in need of some maintenance though. I wonder what the interior and floor plan is like? It's got to be very unique considering what the front looks like.

    Wow old post! I've been to this house and it is really unlike anything else I've encountered in the city. Definitely one of the best houses in Houston. What you see from the street is indeed a wall that hides a massive courtyard with a pool. Behind the walls everything is solid glass. The house is designed with two countours, first a contour to the cul-de-sac property and then a second countour around the pool. When inside the walls, you feel like you are in a film set in Los Angeles, complete with slender palm trees. If any of you are familiar with the work of Hal Levitt, the feeling of this house is sort of similar to being in a Levitt house. Lots and lots of white. I'm not sure if I remember correctly, but I think the house has white terrazzo throughout. I wonder what Stephen Fox means exactly by "scream." I've been in the houses on either side of this one as well, and they each have really interesting qualities as well. The house to the right of this is a heavily remodeled Barnstone.

  4. I just checked HAR to see if the listing for this house has sale pending yet. I can not believe the photos and comments the owner and agent have added to the listing. They will not give up their wish to destroy this house.

    The following (RPS- they used your photos) has been added to the listing on HAR:


    This was once a fabulous home but has been

    seriously neglected and the highest and best

    use is considered to be a tear down for a

    new home site. sorry!


    Uh-OH!! Lars Bang would flip out if he saw this coming.

    Amazing. Obviously this agent has had people expressing concern and has a very unusual reaction. This is sort of disturbing, as if one could diagnose the listing as having bipolar disorder if it were possible. The listing "almost" reads as:

    Great Lars Bang house for sale. This house is a dump. It could be great. But probably not. The neighborhood is fantastic. Look at how great this house is. But...wait...wouldn't it be great if it were bulldozed. As a matter of fact, I'm not even going to let you inside to view. Oh, but here are some photos of what you cannot see...I mean, I must tease all of you!

  5. I don't remember all the good brick award winners, but are you sure this was one of them? I know there was the house off Memorial and Jason & Vanessa's William Jenkin's design on Willowisp that were winners for 2007. I didn't remember there being a third mod house.

    I don't recall this being one of the Good Brick winners either. I do like Harwood Taylor designs, I almost leased a place designed by him. It was part of the duplex in the Fred Winchell studio. This house doesn't seem to have any of his characteristic courtyards or walled off areas. I'm not very familiar with his 60's work though, just the 50's.

  6. Does anyone know what is going on at 56 Tiel Way? The house is a rustic 50's mod that was designed by Hugo Neuhaus Jr. But lately it has been covered and some type of construction is under way. The home has always made me curious as it is as far from the typical River Oaks home as anyone can imagine. Hopefully it is a restoration.

  7. I forgot what topic Jersey01 was asking about the Maher house in, but I found an article on it with a floorplan and some nice b/w pictures. It's in the book 25 Years of Record Houses. I was going to show it to you if you came to the party.

    I looked it up and you can get it used online at Amazon for less than $10. It also has a Preston Bolton Townhouse featured.

    I only have computer access right now at work, but I will be back online soon at home, so I'll scan it in and post it later this month.


    Thanks a ton for finding this! I went to a few libraries trying to find local publications that might have it and found nothing, so this is great news for me. Sorry I couldn't make the party, I was out of town. Congratulations, by the way, the award was much deserved for the before and after of your place.

  8. What if it is a Bart Prince house?

    I doubt that it is a Bart Prince house. It is far too tame to be one of his works. Generally he takes projects in the west and his buildings are pretty far out. Who am I fooling, they are REALLY far out. Allison does bring up an interesting similarity which also reminds me of another Prince project, the Hight House. Coincidentally, however, Price did work with Goff.

    Hight res:


  9. I've been to parties at this house before. Inside it is really unique, hard to classify into a style. Very eclectic. It was designed by P.M. Bolton but has been expanded and remodeled. I have no idea of the actual size, the way it is designed it would be hard to guess but it is pretty big. I remember there being some tables that looked to be inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's textile blocks. It backs up to the bayou. Very cool place.

  10. I lived downtown on Texas at Main for 4 years and loved it. There were really good deals for a while, but now about $1000/mo gets you 550 square feet as far as rental is concerned. This is of course, just an average. If someone were interested in purchasing, anything under $190K is going to be under 1,000 square feet on average. I think right now the place to really buy is just east of downtown where deals are to be found. I think these places will be worth a great deal more in the near future.

  11. Cool. Some of those images are published in a few books that I have. I cannot believe I never thought to check Arcaid for this house. Many people complain about the severity of this house but I think it is pretty neat. Before it was altered it was around 1,800 square feet, and from what I understand a Japanese inspired addition made it around 3,300 sf. You can also tell a little bit about it by looking at it on Google Earth or the satellite feature on Google Maps. I love the way the pool is against the house by the master bedroom.

    This actually reminds me...I have been looking for images on the Maher House by Howard Barnstone, on Lazy Lane. If any of you have any, or know of a contact where I can find construction docs or photos I would be thrilled! All I have is a photo from the Guide and also the article in Ephemeral City, which I bought yesterday.

  12. I agree I feel that The Woodlands is growing very nicely and things are being done well. And there is beginning to be a diversity in architecture which is pleasing. My only surprises on this list were Friendswood and I figured the prices of Tiki Island could bring up that zip.

    it's amazing to me that the woodlands median home price fares well in comparisons such as these, seeing as the woodlands includes moderately priced homes, townhomes and/or condos in each village.

    also, the amazing growth of an area is not something i would be too thrilled about. fortunately, for the woodlands, the growth is somewhat controlled and the community (a real community) has a strong identity unlike the unbridled development of strip centers and various developments running into each other that plagues the northwest part of town.

    the woodlands current population according to the woodlands development company is over 80,000.

  13. http://search.har.com/engine/indexdetail.c...mp;backButton=Y

    This house was designed by J. Stonehill of New York, and has been on the market for a little while. I'm not familiar with his work but this is a pretty neat and not so big modern house in one of the coolest hidden parts of Houston. I have a good friend that lives down the street backing up to the bayou and being in the backyard you don't even feel like you are in the middle of the city. Apparently the seller is proud of this, too, being that most properties in Houston at this price are at least twice the size. I'd take the smaller mod, personally.

  14. Wow! Old post. This house was for sale for years, I wonder if it sold or if they gave up. In many other cities this house would have only been on the market for days. A cantilevered modern house on a wooded lot with a recognized architect...hello, Houston. I'm going through a phase of being somewhat obsessed with Mackie-Kamrath again. I do this every few years. Hopefully 59 Tiel Way is in good hands.

  15. I agree the interior of either Esperson isn't as exciting as its exteriors, though the sleek DMJM Rottet offices are really great, but the extreme opposite of historic. The Humble building is now a hotel/apartment mixed building so the lobby is neat but tiny, and I believe the only thing that is original are the elevator doors, which are fantastic. You can tour these, but you won't get any idea of what it formerly looked like. Chase has a really great lobby. From my experience with downtown buildings the lobbies are sometimes original but other than that they are updated.

  16. Thanks, I have seen the lottaliving gallery, but the thread that was linked doesn't really explain why or what happened. I had actually posted in that thread about another Kamrath house (48 Tiel Way) which I love. I suppose the story of the Mitchell house is just someone who wanted the land but didn't appreciate what they had. Unfortunate, indeed, especially since it was definitely one of the best houses in the city. The house is still in Google Earth, by the way.

  17. BUMP...had to keep this post active.

    I've just been really interested in this house and its likenesses to the Gillin house in Dallas. Though Gillin is not Houston related I thought it might be of interest to some of you, so I figured I'd include some links to it. 10,000 sf on 7 acres in Preston Hollow and originally built for a bachelor. Sheesh! Wright incorporated a tame version of the teepee roof that he was so interested in at the time. The Gillin house shows many characteristics that strongly resemble Houston's Mackie & Kamrath work, particularly the churches.




  18. Yeah the weird house was designed by Goff and is considered one of the more important homes in Houston for that reason. Goff directly influenced Herb Greene, who then influenced Joseph Krakower, an architect responsible for some of the better houses in Braes Heights. I believe the July Mod of the Month is one example.

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