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  1. Additional data Hardy Yards Reserve Landscape Plan.pdf
  2. Here is the rendering of the Hanover development Hanover Hardy Yards Design Intention.pdf
  3. Be positive, the brewery on Burnett is one positive commercial development, there will be more. The location can’t get any better for working Downtown. UHD is really booming and developing their property also with the trails. They have cleaned up some of the blight. The rail station is great, it’s an easy walk bike to downtown, the buffalo bayou partnership does a great job maintaining the downtown walkway along the bayou with security etc. this is the place to be. Hanover is reputable, it’s going to be high end property, it could be worse. All positive so far, oh the Saint Arnold’s addition really rocks! Stay positive brother
  4. The variance was approved, the Hanover group is building apartments on the sight. The city was concerned that the variance would interfere with the Fulton to downtown crossings, apparently Hanover assuaged those concerned. The City did push back so apparently the development will continue. There are also plans to build a brewery on Burnett, and land was cleared in the last two weeks on Burnett to build a large set of Condominiums or townhomes. Unless there is a significant economic downturn, next year will be a big one for the Hardy Yards. The title 3 Apartment complex should be complete in 2019 as well.
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