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  1. OK here is the longer version of the story. I found the dog Friday afternoon. Apparently, she had been hanging around at a school a few miles from here for 2 or 3 days. The people at the school tried to find the owners to no avail. One of the teachers brought the dog to her house, which is down at the end of my street. She escaped from their yard on Friday and that is when I snagged her. The teacher saw one of my signs on Sunday and I gave the dog back to her on Sunday night. We were sitting in our backyard yesterday afternoon when the dog returned to our side gate. I called the teacher down the street and left a message on her machine. I noticed that she was home a few hours later and called her. She and her husband were trying to decide if they could keep the dog since she obviously had an easy escape route from their house. They decided that they couldn't keep her. The principal at the school told the teacher when she took the dog that if things didn't work out, she would love to have the dog. I left a message for the principal this morning. She is supposedly coming to get the dog tomorrow. Meanwhile my wife and I are taking good care of the dog and trying not to get too attached.


  2. As with all remodeling you come across unexpected things along the way that need to be fixed. The painter found some rotten soffit during paint prep that needed to be replaced.



    It rotted out due to a poor design that will need to be addressed when the roof is replaced next time.

    The siding is painted:



    Which color do you like for the front door?


    My mode of transportation to the job site:


    Closets are built out and all of the doors that I didn't order wrong are hung:


    The beginnings of the kitchen are going in:



    Those are just to prove to jmf that the cabinets aren't from home depot.

    Cement is up in the shower and bathtub:



    I'm picking up the tile tommorow. I think y'all will like the tile and design in the master bath.


  3. All I can say is, "Glad to hear you have a new dog!"

    Seriously though, I would be in your position and probably wind up keeping it.

    So, when do we see pics of your new companion?

    You're killin me ricco. We just had to euthanize our 18 year old dog and are down to 2 right now. We really don't want to go back to 3 dogs for a while.




  4. Since I'm out and about in neighborhoods during the day a lot, I find a lot of loose dogs. I have a general policy not to try and help dogs that don't have a tag. We'll I broke the rule 2 days ago and I still have the dog in my back yard. I took her to the vet to see if she had an ID chip, but no luck. I've got signs around the neighborhood, but the owner must not have seen them yet.

    I don't have the heart to do anything with this dog that could result in it being hit by a car or euthanized, but I can't keep it here either.



  5. Anyone know what year residential real estate really got going with the mulitple bid scenario?

    The only time I see multiple bids really is on low priced bank owned properties. Usually a n00b investor ends up paying too much for it and losing their shirt.

    I remember banks asking for "highest and best" on properties since I started in 02.


  6. This is the bottom line.

    Most buyers haven't got a clue when it comes to the process of construction or remodeling and have even less in the way of imagination that would allow them to think of the house as it will be rather than as it is. And even the creative types get distracted by strong odors or visual mess, making it more difficult for them to envision how they'd live there.

    here here!


  7. Hello,

    I am contemplating the enormous task of refinishing my existing wooden kitchen cabinets. They are real wood and only have a varnish. Essentially I want to sand them and re-varnish them again. I am looking for some tips:

    1. What kind of sander do you recomment? I have a circular one but I am afraid it will leave scratches
    2. Do you recommend to varnish tem with a roller or a good quality paint brush?

    Any other tips welcome too .... thanks so much


    I would probably use a random orbital sander to avoid lines.

    I would probably use a high quality foam brush, but not the $.50 ones.


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