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  1. Maybe it was just "Smith / Houston". I wouldn't think a new car dealer would sell a 20-year-old used car. Lots of emblems for sale on ebay, like this Sam Montgomery that's listed as I write this.
  2. Several years ago, I saw a very original/unrestored but well maintained looking 1958 Impala with a Chick Smith, Houston emblem on it. Anyone know if Chick Smith was ever a Chevy dealership, or did they also put their emblem on used cars? The jingle I remember most: "Davis, Chuck Davis, Chuck Davis Chevrolet! Can and will make you a better deal, on America's #1 automobile, Davis, Chuck Davis, Chuck Davis Chevrolet!"
  3. According to Wikipedia, chain link fencing was made by machine in the UK in the mid 1800's. Anchor Fence bought rights to the machine in 1891.
  4. When my family moved to Houston in the early 1960's we lived in an apartment building for a few months. Not only is the building gone but so is the entire street, swallowed up by a YMCA. The house I was raised in, also gone. On that block, only 3 of the original 18 houses remain.
  5. Here's a rough drawing of Montclair's layout around the mid 60's-70's. I'm almost positive it was a Big Bonus Stamps store next to Weingarten's because the stamps were pink. I'm not 100% certain about the 7-eleven, it could have been U-Totem or Stop N Go. There may have been other stores between Walgreens and Grants, but if there were I have forgotten them.
  6. Since the last post there's been a great book published called "Houston Baseball, The Early Years, 1861-1961". It has chapters on Fair Grounds Park, West End Park, and Buffalo Stadium. It includes a map showing the locations of those three plus nine other ball parks from that era.
  7. No, no Kmart at that location. The Woolco closed in 1981. It occupied the entire building except for a Color Tile that was at the left corner and a chicken place behind the Color Tile. I can't remember if the Woolco space sat vacant for a while or it was divided up and remodeled shortly after it was vacated. I'm almost positive there wasn't any business open there between the time Woolco closed and Berings opened.
  8. I found this on the Texas State Library website so it's not that they weren't keeping records: The recording of deeds of trusts or mortgages has been required by law since 1846, initially in the Deed Record, but beginning in 1879 in the Deed of Trust or Mortgage Record. Like the companion Deed Record, the Deed of Trust Record must be indexed by law; in this instance, to mortgagor (direct) and mortgagee (reverse).
  9. Deeds are recorded with the county. Unless that wasn't the case back then, wouldn't Heights properties have already been recorded since the 1890's?
  10. Christian would always give me my first Shiner Bock for free. I didn't have to say a thing, I'd just walk up to the bar she'd have one for me as soon as she saw me coming. THANKS CHRISTIAN!!!
  11. Nabisco, NW corner of Commerce & Chenevert. Taken September 1998.
  12. When I first moved to the Heights I noticed all the 1920 build dates too. A neighbor suggested maybe the county didn't start keeping good records until after most of the houses were built. If it was 1945 for example, and they didn't know the build date but knew the house was at least 25 years old, they just listed it as 1920. My house and the two on either side were all listed as 1920. The other two houses were slightly wider than mine so pulling into the driveway meant a tight squeeze between two houses. My house being about 5' narrower left me with a wider driveway. My house probably was built around 1920, but the other two were probably built a couple of decades earlier, before owning a car was a consideration. Just a theory.
  13. I grew up in the 1960's & '70's a few blocks from there and never knew about this plan. Very interesting. It also covers my first two jobs, Woolco (Berings) & Weingartens (Randalls). Thanks for posting it.
  14. If the street address was 4400 Main, it was a live music venue in the 1980's. I saw a couple of shows in there '86 & '87 when it was called the Maceba Theatre.
  15. I think FedMart went out of business here in 1979 or 1980 so they weren't at the old Globe location for too long.
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