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  1. It's not like the Katy. It looks very nice from Katy High School, all the way into Downtown. I am glad they got started with this freeway. Cinco Ranch, Westheimer Lakes, Grand Lakes, Firethorne, and WoodCreek Reserve are all adding to the congestion.
  2. What would happen if one of those planes crashed into a plant on the ship channel?
  3. ^I remember that happening. I thought that the world was about to end. I also thought that terrorists were going to drop a bomb on the plants around the ship channel. I remember being scared to brush my teeth because I thought that the water was contaminated.
  4. I don't know what the deal is on this. These people always make fun of our presidents and people of power in our nation, but when someone makes fun of them, hell breaks loose. Yeah, Muhammed may be their savior, but still...
  5. I remember I was in fifth grade and going to school out in West Houston. We late to school because I remember traffic on the Katy was horrible and we had woke up late. My dad would always listen to NPR and news radio like that and I remember a guy on there screaming that a plane, jet, or something had hit the WTC North Tower. I told all of my friends at school and they didn't belive me. As the day went on people kept on leaving school. THe first left around 9:15. Everyone thought it was normal (like a doctor's appointment). But as the day kept trugging on more and more people left. At the end of the day there were 15 out of 25 people in my homeroom class. Half my grade was gone and the school felt like it was deserted. When I came home my mom said I didn't have to do my homework and I could go watch what happened. I turned on MTV and instead of getting TRL or whatever I wanted to watch, I got a CBS newscast about what had happened and saw the whole thing in my room. I knew it was serious, but I didn't really know how serious. All I remember thinking after watching the newscast was that it was my friend's birthday and it was a horrible day to have one. The next day at school we had a moment of silence, and I learned that some people in my grade at family in the Pentagon. This girl in my class had her uncle die in the Pentagon. My best friend, who's birthday was on that day, aunt got killed in the WTC South Tower. At that time he said his family didn't know, and couldn't find her. But as the weeks went on, they knew and find out. In total, that day didn't affect me when it happened, but weeks later when I realized what did happen, it just kills me and still does. After watching Inside 9/11 on the National Geopraphic Channel a few months ago, just makes the whole even even worse.
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