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  1. Not freeways, but I get a big kick out of calling 1960, Jackrabbit Road; and calling Westheimer, 1093.
  2. I refer to freeways by their numbers, except the West Loop, which ends where it meets the North Loop; and the Gulf Freeway, which goes by that name all the way to Cuba.
  3. As a corollary, roads should be paid for entirely with fuel taxes, private investment or otherwise. It's inaccurate to consider public transit wasteful when compared to the massive drain on tax dollars caused by highways.
  4. Why do so many projects have to have so much retail? Are residential-heavy projects unfeasible or something? I'd think more people would prefer low-end luxury units with a few conveniences like a grocery rather than a veritable mall downstairs.
  5. More like the ring is expanding outwards, with the donut hole being filled in. I agree that even the inner loop is quasi-suburban in nature. It feels more suburban than, of all places, Los Angeles. Not that I mind, just that people shouldn't refer to the inner loop like it's Chicago.
  6. I enjoy urban living, but suburban development deserves more credit. For instance, in most regards sprawling San Jose is more dynamic than compact San Francisco.
  7. What happened to the 290 expansion? www.my290.com is still up.
  8. The Southwest Freeway was backed up before 6:30. Thank goodness I reverse-commute.
  9. Doesn't Downtown and Uptown account for 45% of Houston's office space? Los Angeles is a mess, and that's not even counting Orange County. Speaking of spoke-shaped cities, downtown Chicago has fully half of the metro area's office space. In fact, the city proper discourages office development anywhere else. That explains the over 20 rail lines and 200 stations that serve the CBD there. Very efficient.
  10. Bill White is magical, I tell ya. You don't appreciate the idea of a competent, transparent, uncorrupt mayor until you've lived in Chicago.
  11. Mine went out for about 18 hours. Hmm, the $2.
  12. Nothing important got flooded. They evacuated their equipment onto street level and tied it to the fence.
  13. I don't recognize trees as well as I recognize people. Yes, there was a tornado. Specifically, it formed around the lightpost atop this picture:
  14. :wacko: Sick excitement! The hurricane party here was the best ever. Too bad I wasn't there to film the guy run down Texas Ave naked.
  15. Centerpoint runs on biblical time. "Tomorrow" was the fourth day of creation where Cold Heineken is created. All these murderous transformers... damn Decepticons.
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