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  1. Hi NenaE, I came across a thread you participated in a few years back concerning J.J. Sweeney Jewelry Co. of Huston.

    Your post mentioned a large clock which stood outside of the store for a period of time. I thought I would add that I recently came across another clock related to the Sweeney store and thought other members and yourself might like seeing them. If you zoom in on the face you can see the store name on the face of the clock. The movement was made in France and is dated 1935. there is a circular stamp om the rear of the movement dated 1855. The last image id of the Sweeney store in the 1910's. I can find no reference to any "J.J. Sweeney Co." clocks on the internet.

    Ray Norwood





    1. NenaE


      Thank you for sharing these pics. Very interesting, especially the last b/w shot of the store's interior.

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