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  1. What?? Somebody doesn't have "Brighten the Corner Where You Are" sung by a bunch of 1970's school kids with guitars forever seared into their minds courtesy of a local Woodsy Owl PSA? That not fair! I'm checking YouTube tonight! Give a hoot - don't pollute!
  2. Did the laundry I couldn't do yesterday - I have a thing about white cotton shirts and like to hang them outside in the sun after washing to get that extra bit of bleaching in, plus they pick up the scent from the now-blooming star jasmine nearby. Pups were half-crazy after all the rain, so they and my husband got nice long walks. Wound up with a trek to Firkin & Phoenix to watch most of the Penguins game and just get out - I don't do relentless rain well, though I'll say drainage seems to have improved in Oak Forest since Alison. During the lull, it only took about an hour before I was seeing visible signs of runoff. I'm not counting the gutter-clogged day after Ike.
  3. Yes, vacant buildings are quite expensive to insure. Good motive for letting people live there. And by the way, Emme, welcome to the forum. Don't let the first experience run you off - this is really a fun and informative place.
  4. From what I've heard regarding Dilick's concern about peoples' welfare in general, I half-expect another Enola Gay to be en route.
  5. Please, somebody drive Rick Perry up to Quebec so he can see how well secession works out. And Anderson's quip was PURE GOLD!
  6. Okay, cry? Be sick? If this is true, it's a toss-up, no pun intended. Flip it good!
  7. Garden Oaks has its fair share of new builds, but many of the original houses there were larger than the Oak Forest cottages and lent themselves better to remodeling and/or additions. OF is mostly valued for lot sizes, which average around 7700-8000 sq. ft. and up, hence more tear-downs. We could easily put in a pool, add a sunroom to the side and still have room to spare in our back yard. Front yards are roomy, but not the palatial stretches one sees in Garden Oaks. If one had to compare neighborhoods, I would say OF will be Bellaire in 10 years. According to a friend in real estate, the location standard is really no longer in or outside the Loop, but the Beltway - being inside the Loop is lagniappe. We apparently stole our house in 2001 for $69K according to prices now.
  8. Since Two Pesos changed to Toxic Cabana, I've gotten food poisoning from two different locations; really bad case from the Kirby location and mild from Montrose. Plus the pico de gallo never tasted as good.
  9. All I've heard is the credit union, and the rendering on the lot sign doesn't make it look like there will be room for anything else. This one's a bit of a head-shaker for the neighborhood - not only did we lose Theater Surburbia, but counting the bank inside the 43rd Street Kroger, we'll have 6 financial institutions within 1/4 mile.
  10. I've been going to Daniel Markham for about 20 years now. 2777 Allen Parkway in the American General Center; phone number is 713-523-6807. (Didn't even have to look it up! ) Their cost on the Dr. Oogle site is listed as "moderate". Office isn't spartan, but it's definitely not a tooth boutique - just good basic dental care. They might work with you as well regarding financing.
  11. And I don't think they'll be able to graze cattle or have 4-day rock fests at Wilshire Village either. I wish the Ashby High Rise dudes would get together with the developers of the epic Sonoma kerfluffle and work something out. I'm tired of seeing that sad dustbowl when we drive up Morningside.
  12. We're in Oak Forest Section 1 between Ella & Oak Forest Drive and our visitor was the second one I'd seen, so I guess we have some furry pioneers.
  13. sidegate is absolutely right about the flooding and traffic concerns. It's a river even with the sdeep ditches along West Alabama and all the green space at WV. I don't even want to imagine what more concrete and a midrise would do. KA, that could be very nice. A plan like that could also save a number of the gorgeous magnolia trees! Maybe even some of the neat property entrance walls.
  14. My brother lives on E. 25th and has had quite a few poultry sightings. And I love the black squirrels! We had a HUGE one visiting regularly during the winter - when I first saw it at a distance, I thought our little fluffy black cat had gotten out.
  15. Interview with another tenant in the River Oaks Examiner: Wilshire Village Look at the slide show - this gentleman has one of the bigger apartments I was talking about with the dining room and room divider. And yes, I sound like a skipping record, but what a waste to have neglected this place.
  16. I was working for American General at the time and they let us park in the garages and watch from the roof. It was simulcast on some radio station that I think was on loudspeakers on the roof (KRBE?) and immediately afterwards they played "We Built This City". Took my carload about 30 minutes to get out and we went to Photon on Chimney Rock afterwards and played laser tag until 1 AM. This was after we had spent the day at Astroworld. Would that I had half the energy I did in my 20's. Oh, and for anyone who noted the earlier mention of the Reverend Huey, he can now be found at www.hellpopehuey.com at the Temple of the Misfired Neuron.
  17. We have a promotional picture of Paul autographed to my mother-in-law with the sentiment "I'll always remember the good times!" We didn't ask....
  18. 11 was fun in the mornings when Debra Duncan was still there. She had a way of saying "David Paul" and "Darby Douglas" that made it sound like they were kids in Really Big Trouble meriting use of first and middle names. The competition for cuter traffic chick reminds me of that "Married With Children" episode with Kelly getting a job as the weather girl.
  19. sidegate, you might want to pick up a March issue of This Old House - a family in Austin did an attic conversion and there are details about how they had to reinforce the house first that may or may not apply to your situation. If nothing else, it may give you some fun ideas. Attic Conversion
  20. You're most welcome But don't just take my word for it - go see at the moving sales on for the next two weekends! From the River Oaks Examiner:
  21. I would hear that voice and immediately be transported to the dining room table at my grandparents' house in Brownsville - the main meal was about to be served, and Paul Harvey was on Weslaco's Channel 5 before the noon news. Not even the blessing could be said before we heard "Good Day". Somehow bad news wasn't so frightening when he commented on it. RIP.
  22. Sorry; busy morning for insurance folk with all the AIG developments....yes, Dilick is keeping power/water on until the 15th and is giving residents who apply $500 to help with moving expenses. One elderly woman who has to move to West Virginia may also get help with her plane ticket. Bit late for visits from Christmas ghosts, but good for whatever inspired this sudden sympathy. Had a chance on Sunday to see some of the other abandoned apartments. Several of the fold-out ironing boards still intact in the kitchens - they have swivel mechanisms so one can move it from side to side as well as up & down. The larger apartments have a living room and dining room separated by a waist-high room divider with cabinets & shelves. Closets in one bedroom have a built-in chest of drawers - looks like an update since the closet doors are overhead hung and sliding. If there had been a hallway, they would be almost the same size as the duplex I grew up in. Different color schemes for the bathroom tile by apartment building. So does one laugh or cry about the colossal waste? Through the collapsed ceilings the attic is visible and is indeed a Texas basement - enough roof area to stand up in. Imagine if the place had been kept up - what would the going price be for a 2 bedroom apartment/condo with living room, dining room, 2 entrances and a loft 3rd room; perhaps a half bath as well? So much potential winding up in a landfill. All those neat back doors with the screen and the little door at the top, the gorgeous blonde brick that looks showroom pristine, the recessed gas fireplaces in the living rooms, the oak floors, the telephone nooks, the vintage gas stoves with the warmer/pot storage next to the oven, the Deco light fixtures by the back doors, the graceful curved stair railings, the accent walls of glass bricks - all trash....
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