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  1. It's really a shame someone took George's post down on Nextdoor....that ridiculous statement of his should be up there forever for all to see.... I wonder if Brie can go back to the HAHC and request new windows if she can't find anyone to repair them..
  2. for anyone interested in following this... at the March HAHC meeting, a homeowner wanted to replace their old windows with new, identical looking, wood windows and were denied. They wanted energy efficient windows so that the money they were spending on the new Hvac wasn't literally seeping out the old windows. I think most of us thought in the early days of the ordinance (or maybe it was just me) that you could replace your old windows with identical LOOKING wood windows (that were operable and energy efficient, etc) and that would be fine, within the ordinance. It's my understanding t
  3. regarding the "official" guidelines they are working on, I simply can't WAIT to see what they come up with now that the 90 day waiver period was taken out of the ordinance. In the March meeting, one of the board members actually admits that their decisions, prior to the 90 day waiver period being axed, are different from the ones they make now.
  4. Yes, beyond the usual insanity that occurs at the HAHC meetings, I was happy to see Sue Lovell (former city council member) stand up multiple times at the March meeting to support the homeowners in front of the board. It's worth a watch. I am not sure who contacted her and coordinated this effort but ......thank you whoever you are! She was one of the few sane voices there and had many good points to make.
  5. i think you're right..there is some probate activity on the former owner, around the same time that the Sostak's took possession.. so......where are you going with this...
  6. marksmu: what about foam insulation under the house in our pier in beam? our builder is proposing some closed cell stuff.... I've heard because the open cell is porous, it could wick water to the wood floor, rotting it...of course, i guess closed cell could trap water and do the same.. so is it best not to insulate the crawl space? does it make a big difference?
  7. Redscare, I hope you're right as i worry what it's doing to younger generations who feel they need to validate their existence through it... and damn, it's so impersonal, why can't people send old fashioned e'mails....the kids these days..! ofcourse, if Facebook dies, something else will surely take it's place? google plus?
  8. Someone on twitter is reporting a car accident involving a police car.....?
  9. Another Heights- thanks for that! I knew it must be somewhere out there.....
  10. so, just for future record, here....and for anyone curious.. we have a contributing property, with original 117 siding.... we wanted hardi to replace our (from outside appearances) non rotted, partially original, 117 siding... at first hearing, HAHC deferred us (for a month until the next hearing) so they could send out an inspector to see how much was rotted (their condition for letting us replace the siding they considered historic and precious) hahc found little rot and led us to believe that they would not approve of any siding replacement (except for the few rotted ones) with new 117, har
  11. Ok, I won't say they never approve of Hardi. I'm just saying it's not a case of a homeowner saying, "i would like to put hardi on my house" and the HAHC saying "ok, go ahead". Definitely not the case for our house. I would love to know what their formula for giving the green light on Hardi, is. Does there need to be a certain percentage of house with rotten wood boards? Does it make a difference if the house is contributing, partially contributing or non contributing? (on the video I posted, they did appear to make different decision based on Partially contributing and contributing proper
  12. Or if you have 117 siding (tear drop), then you have no chance of being able to use Hardi.......
  13. Anyone else go? I love the concept...I love the message...Did it pick up in the evening? I found it a bit quiet in the afternoon... I guess it had competition with the Art Car Parade.. I had hoped there would be more store fronts transformed...
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