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  1. Russo was on-hand in Houston himself today at a Bisnow event to announce Kimpton will be the hotel operator for the project.
  2. Spoke with PMRG, they're expanding the garage by about 200 spots and adding the ground floor cafe. Not a full Phase II.
  3. Just thinking this through from a numbers perpsective Locks: Atlanta (Mercedes Benz) NYC (Met Life) LA (Rose Bowl/Inglewood) Dallas (Jerry World) Philly/DC (Lincoln/FedEx) - Can't see them picking both, but with the 250th anniversary of 1776, one or the other will be picked. Likely: Boston (Gillette) San Francisco (Levi's) Miami (Hard Rock) Unlikely: Baltimore (M&T Bank) - Far too many other host cites nearby Cincinnati (Paul Brown) - Immature soccer city, doesn't measure up to other major metros Nashville (Nissan) - Close to Atlanta, immature soccer city, lower tier stadium So that basically leaves 2-3 spots to fill from the following contenders: Seattle (Century Link) - America's best soccer city but not many nearby venues, could be problematic for travel, but also beneficial to Canada, since Vancouver withdrew Orlando (Camping World) - Great travel/hospitality infrastructure, but how likely are there to be two cities in Florida? Kansas City (Arrow Head) - Mature soccer city, strongest Midwest candidate (no Chicago or Minneapolis) Denver (Mile High) - Not much soccer culture, location could be problematic Houston (NRG) - Only real downside is the proximity to Dallas. My best guess is Houston, Kansas City and Seattle to round it out.
  4. Im curious how that NW corner is going to break down. IIRC, the Giorgetti luxury mid-rise is kicking off soon, plus there's a few businesses further west down West Alabama. With Steel St just north of West Alabama, it's going to be a tight squeeze.
  5. By my count, there's a Whole Foods, 2 HEBs, Central Market, Costco, Trader Joe's, 2 Randalls & 3 Krogers within a 2-mile radius. How many groceries can one area buy??
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