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  1. If you're not out shopping already, you should be. I for one am going to take advantage of this. It's not about deals, it's about supporting the smaller, local businesses. https://communityimpact.com/houston/katy/business/2016/11/24/local-shops-south-houston-area-ready-small-business-saturday-nov-26-2/
  2. Anybody in the public eye like that should know to keep their personal views private. Seems she may have been a bit naive as to how this all works.
  3. Thank you for sharing that information. Resources like this can be a great bridge between a passion for artists/creatives and a career in the field. I wish I would have had something like this when I was younger and money was tight. I never knew there was this option. I hope people can make good use of it.
  4. This is just the nature of the inner city freeway beast. You're going to have curves.....the trick is to keep the curves loose enough to where traffic doesn't have to slow down TOO much. It's part that, and partly on the drivers themselves. If people just slow down a little further back before the curve instead of slowing down a lot at the last minute, congestion wouldn't be so bad. You know where the curve is and at what speed you should take it and those facts never change......so just start slowing down sooner. With less congestion you'll actually get to where you need to go quicker.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving HAIF, and everyone populating this great site. I hope you have a good day with your family and friends, that your turkey is not over or under-cooked, that your beer stays cold and your team wins. (Like the Cowboys can lose....right?) I see Thanksgiving as a time for everyone to put their differences aside for a day, be thankful for what and who you have and to be together with the ones you love. Me, I'm thankful I can still work to provide for my wife and daughter, that I have people who love me and that my Broncos have a winning record. Okay.....your turn.....what are you thankful for today?
  6. I expected Trump to win and, no, I wouldn't have it any other way. I trust Trump more than Clinton and I respect him more too. Not because of his crude comments, but the sheer fact that he was able to take 1 million dollars and turn it into 4 billion+ in a very cutthroat industry in a cutthroat town like New York. You can't be weak, indecisive and stupid and do all that and I would like our leader to be strong, decisive and intelligent on a business level. All this political garbage has to go and Trump is just the man to drain that swamp. Four after the first four.
  7. What sector? You seem to forget that the real estate business is a diverse one. Are we talking about high end business properties or run of the mill personal properties? Wall Street doesn't see the two as the same, so if you're going on the theory you proposed......neither should you.
  8. I'm I the only one who finds humor in the fact that, in real estate at least, you can make money off of a bad thing? When a car loses value you can only claim the depreciation at tax time if the car was used for business. The rich get all the perks I guess.
  9. The person does have talent....(sorry, but I can't tell if the person singing is a man or a woman) but it's not my cup of tea. Too mainstream for me.
  10. That map doesn't assess anything, it simply gives a color to a city. If you want assessments you have to read the links That aside, it gives a pretty good overview and projections based on the financial end of a wide swath of inustries. That's the best way to do it in my opinion. I think Houston should have gotten a better rating due to the fact that growth is outpacing most other cities of this size. This growth makes Pwc's general overview incomplete as In it did not see them taking growth, or the lack of it, into consideration with their findings.
  11. I need a recommendation or 3 for 401k providers that have different structures specific for aaving/investing for college education. I'm not finding a lot on my own.
  12. Well I would certainly hope so considering the megawatts they produce. It's all relative I guess, but apparently the reports I hear about how bad they are emissions wise, do not look at the numbers they way you presented them here. Your glass is half full, their glass is half empty.
  13. Why doesn't someone do something about the way the Parish plant operates? Yes, I understand how much electricity it churns out, but there has to be a better way.
  14. Cool pic, but..........why am I expecting to see the ghost of a 10 year old dressed in white pop out from behind one of those trees and run to the camera both smiling and crying at the same time? Sorry.........I watch too many horror movies.
  15. From what I have heard, shell companies. This makes it hard to determine exactly who, and from where, are buying. As far as what is driving the prices up? It doesn't really matter where these investors are from, what matters is they are paying top dollar. All it takes is a few buyers who don't squabble about the prices to get this ball rolling. Soon, everyone with the cash it takes to buy more will do so at the asking price, which slowly goes up when the demand does. Economics 101, supply and demand, in action on a billion dollar scale. This has been going on for at least a year now.
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