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  1. I'm curious how many of you have any kind of cool retro decorations that you use this time of year. We just picked up a 1950s Evergleam aluminum Christmas tree on eBay for one of our rooms. Next step is the color wheel...

    This picture will give you an idea of the kind of tree we got...


  2. There are quite a few Italians but they're scattered about. Personally, many of the people who identify themselves as "Italian" aren't very Italian, to me. I get frustrated by people who identify themselves as such who don't speak any Italian and truly have very few ties anymore to Italy.

    As an Italian (born and raised w/dual citizenship) it's a point of contention for me. There's not much I can do other than head to Italy at least once a year to get my annual sanity check (and eat lots of great food)

  3. About 6 months ago, I heard a rumor about Central Market. The rumormill said that Oshman's (on the corner of Gessner and I-10) was going to move into the old Service Merchandise store (about 1/2 mile west) and Central Market was going to take over the Oshman's location.

    Well, for the past 6 months, it's been mostly a rumor but we've been watching with interest as the old Service Merchandise store got a facelift. Sure enough, a banner was just hung on the facade announcing that the store would be an Oshman's.

    So... one down, one to go? Personally, I'm thrilled about having a Central Market nearby if the rest of the rumor is true.

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