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    Golf, Landscaping ect. but not at the same time.
  1. It's called Poa Annua. It's a winter weed that will die off for the year when the weather warms up. You can try and keep It from germinating next fall by using a pre-emergent and preventing a repeat performance next winter.
  2. Sam White Oldsmobile Tom Gray Datsun/Nissan on the Katy Freeway and "West Belt"
  3. Wow...this brings back memories. My folks were involved in a partnership back in the late 60's/early 70's that owned this property, actually twice. I remember as a youngster going out there to the "country." Highway 6 was 2 lanes and there wasn't anything on the road except for a "convenience" store and volunteer fire department on the west side of 6 close to where a pawn shop now sits. We got to the home off 6 on a long winding gravel road through a bunch of Post Oak trees. There was a large house that sat on the property, but I don't remember it being the one in the previous pictures. It was
  4. So they're opening the new 249 toll road this Sunday. My question is, who paid for the old section of the new toll road where the signs have been posted for years stating "Future Toll Road" around 2920? Are we going to be charged to drive on a toll road that was built with TXDOT funds?
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