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  1. Bernard was a good friend of mine. And golf buddy. I was introduced to my wife by Faye who was a bartender at his "Wish's Club".
  2. While I also have some fond memories of this place, my last recollection is painful. It was the last time I was in a bar fight (probably not the right term since I never got into the bar that night + it wasn't much of a fight). I had gone there to drop off my step-daughter who was about 12 or so to meet her grandpa when a Livestock Show and Rodeo trail ride stopped there the day before finishing in Houston. We wouldn't let her go on the trail ride but agreed that she could meet her papaw who was on the ride at Champions and go with him the last day. I had come straight from work and was wearing a jacket and tie. That seemed to piss off a couple of rowdies who were leaving the bar and found me parked behind their car while I waited for the kid to find her grandpa. I got out of my car to tell them I was moving to let them out but then they jumped me and I got a faceful of that coarse white gravel that the parking lot was covered with. The one good punch I got in connected with a big cowboy buckle and I got bruised knuckles to go with various other skins and scrapes. That must have been about 1979 or so. Do you remember a place just up the road that was called Moe's? I was always under the impression that it was owned by Moe Bandy but that may not have been right.
  3. Hello Phil, How have you been?

  4. I just stumbled on this thread by accident. I sorta lived in this house for awhile. Technically, I dated the daughter of the woman (Esther) who lived in the house in a caretaker role. I wonder if this is kinfolk of Starryart. When I was drafted in 1970 I was living in a quadplex on West Gray and had no other permanent home address and had to use that Old Main address of my by-then fiancée, so all my Army paperwork shows that as my PHA. I have a lot of photos of the place somewhere. Interesting note...I think everyone near my age remembers where they were when we landed on the moon. I was scraping down the sides of the swimming pool. We had decided to try to clean it out and get it functional again (we did!) and recruited the oldest son Ben, who was living in the servant's quarters in the rear at the time and someone else (maybe DeeDee or Nathan) to help. Someone came down from the house and said we were close to landing so we went in and watched. We never went in the casino part much. I remember high ceilings and dark walls with some risqué murals. I am not sure that it even had functioning lights at that time. I remember the tiny hidden office with the revolving bookcase door that I saw mentioned. I thought it was like something straight out of the movies. I remember the first night I took C**** home. We drove up to that big gate with the guard shack and all...I thought I must be dating a movie star! Soon found out she was just living there in an arrangement that I never knew all the details of. I am not sure what Esther's connection was to the owners. When I came back to the States after my Army service, it was gone. All that was so long ago it almost seems like a different life.
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