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  1. Might be old news by now, but I saw something yesterday about CVS signing a lease on the ground floor.
  2. Where is the money for all of these Randall Davis developments coming from?!
  3. I hate to admit this, but I'm actually starting to like it. The tin feature under the windows is awful and the crown is disgusting but something keeps my intrigued.
  4. Rather than building the garage to 8 and the lobby level to 2 and then completing the work once they secured a tenant, they are now going to build the tower and parking garage to 12. Speculate from there...
  5. Heard from a decently credible source yesterday that they are now going to take the tower and parking garage to 12.
  6. From Realty News Report this morning "Hines also recently acquired the Houston Chronicle building, which is a couple of blocks from Pennzoil Place. The Chronicle will be torn down and replaced with new high-rise development. A timetable for the Chronicle block development has not been set, but Realty News Report is projecting a 2018 groundbreaking and a 2020 completion there."
  7. This tower is 100% getting built. There is no way Skanska would have moved forward with the mat pour on such a prime piece of real estate if they weren't certain the rest of the tower would be built. Their development team is smart. They don't want chump change from parking contracts, they want big bucks from leases. It's not a question of if, but when. I can also confirm that parking on half of the block will go to 8 and the rest to street level.
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