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  1. I was in Tulsa last week, and I used to occasion to book a room in the Aloft hotel they have there.  It was similarly a repurposing of an old building, in that case some sort of modernist office building in the midst of their civil government complex (surrounded by a convention center, courthouse, govt offices, etc).  It was fantastic from a customer experience perspective.  It really made me even more excited that this is the brand taking over this building - this hotel is going to be a hit and a really cool addition to the neighborhood.

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  2. The diamond cut stainless steel cladding on the portico has been removed and is being replaced.  This building, which is the undisputed heavyweight champion of ugly exteriors facades in the entire Main Street Market Square entertainment district, was previously Club Heat and Club Spade's. This is the final remaining retail space on the east side of the 500 block, and if it is indeed being worked on would leave only three spaces left on Main without a known active project.



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  3. $613 a square foot. Many houses in River Oaks don't reach that level. You can get a pretty nice place in Montrose for less than half the price per square foot.


    Except that you can't - if you are just starting out in the world and can only afford in the $120k range to buy.  There is nothing in River Oaks or Montrose that small.  I think that one of the angles on these micro-lofts that we seem to all be overlooking is that while they cost more on a per-square-foot basis than in many markets, they are small enough so that single-income people early in their career can actually afford to buy them.  

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