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  1. From today's walk to lunch. 


    809 Congress has been painted.  Interior looks largely complete except for the floors.

    15751929278_9b2ddc0830_z.jpg809 Congress by differentryana, on Flickr



    The retail space below the Hermann Lofts, formerly Macondo, is getting torn out.  Reliable sources indicate this will be a Subway.  Two in a two block radius.  Downtown Houston has finally arrived.

    15752081300_ff374229b1_z.jpgHermann Lofts retail. by differentryana, on Flickr


    Shameless plug - my own bar, the Houston Watch Co, will open in the old Franklin St. Coffee House space adjacent to the Bayou Lofts lobby in early 2015.

    15753620507_65c04e7bc7_z.jpgHouston Watch Co. by differentryana, on Flickr




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  2. I live in the Bayou Lofts and face south, towards the Rice.  I noticed lately that there are some stringed lights on the roof there at night that I don't think I noticed before.  They doing some sort of roof-deck improvements?

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