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  1. O.K. have it your way. Builders build the opposite of what people want. All those cars in the parking lot are just figments of my imagination. And the dilapidated abandoned buildings built up to the pedestrian friendly sidewalks of EADO are just filled to capacity with happy invisible shoppers.
  2. Sorry, I meant to say 'webtard'. I corrected it. Thank you. BTW, individual stuff going up in midtown and downtown apparently doesn't count. If one's passion is Houston bashing, it doesn't further one's argument to acknowledge areas that are already urban and adding more urban cohesion. No, it's much better crying about faux urban projects going up in suburbs 12 miles west of downtown that were never high density urban cores to begin with and compare them with urban megalopolises built on the east coast in the 19th century. Here. Check out this. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2014/09/mid-main-mixed-use-development-announces-groundbreaking-ceremony-date/ Maybe it will make you feel a little better. After this is built, Houston will look like New York in no time.
  3. Haters gonna hate. Bitches gonna b¡tch. And the opinions on this website gets less relevant as each day ends.
  4. 20 stories sounds plenty tall for that section of downtown. This seems like it would be a terrible place for a low or mid rise. 2 sides of the building wouldn't have a view of anything except freeway ramps. However, twin 20 story buildings in that spot could make quite an impact and could have the best view of downtown in the entire city. It would be like the view from UH Stadium, only up close and personal.
  5. I like Skyhouses just fine. But I think two are enough for downtown.
  6. I work in downtown dallas, less than 2 blocks away from farmers market. Uptown dallas is booming and has several scattered cranes building a few 20 something story buildings. I see nothing of interest currently going on in downtown. Farmers market area has potential, but currently it is quiet and lifeless (at least on the weekdays). The buildings in the farmers market area are seriously outdated and not in a good way. They look neglected. The residential buildings in farmers market look like suburban style townhomes. If they fill in the farmers market area with more of those it could make a nice inner city neighboorhood one day. But the truth is farmers market area does not have any of the classic signs that it is 'booming' at this time. Once you go south of Commerce St. it is dead. No cranes. No people. No Boom. Quit trying to make dallas out to be more than it is. We all know what it is.
  7. It wasn't an accident. I deliberately made the Chevron tower resemble it's logo. It's just for fun. But maybe it will inspire someone at Chevron to do something more interesting with their billion dollar tower while they have the chance.
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