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  1. i have found that a small percentage of houston forumers here know about true urbanism and have fell into the patterns on how most of this city is built, and then they get mad once you are offended by the suburban patterns that happen around the city. the sentences in bold are what i agree with 100%. great post. i thought i was the only one who had this mindset on uptown.
  2. At first I was like why is he posting this on here, but this is quite possibly the best DC3 video I have seen. The song is pretty good too.
  3. Atleast they are serious about the project and are updating the renderings. The last time, they were talking about the Toyota Center was proposed now they actually have the Hilton Americas in the rendering and light rail. The location is also awesome, not sprawly like some of these awesome developments happening 10 miles away from downtown or in the suburbs. lol. This is happening right next door to Main Street Square across from the Courtyard by Marriott. Hope this gets off the ground. This is the exact same thing as the one in Denver.
  4. Do you know what 300 million dollars can do for light rail expansions, except fitting more cars on a freeway to sprawl out to the suburbs.
  5. I have to agree with some that LTAWACS says. It seems like developers never get the point around here, and then they never realize why the city never gets a good rep. There are so many developments that could have changed the face of the city if they were more centralized, but people who do not appreciate urbanism would never know this.
  6. Thankyou. Houston is becoming another LA with all these attractions not situated around downtown.
  7. great pics. we don't see enough of midtown on here. i hope the camden project gets going.
  8. the place was just approved probably a month ago i believe.
  9. Good question. I think the boder along Westheimer is at Smith, but if you go north on Smith that is obviously incorrect.
  10. lol. and i am pretty sure it will bw the same design as the CVS.
  11. Great pics jmancuso. I don't know what is up with some, but when some people bash on another city, take it as a compliment, because deep down inside they are really thinking differently. I don't know, I just notice that on some of these threads. I love NO.
  12. That's why they have subways. Something this city could use more of, except using freeways to escape to the sprawly suburbs.
  13. Wouldn't you say this feels larger than Houston? I love Houston, but it is really based on a suburban lifestlye. Here are some pics I found on skyscrapercity.com Pics don't justify this place, you have to experience it yourself. http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34429943.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34429945.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34429946.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34429948.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34429949.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34429956.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34429957.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34429958.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34429962.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34429965.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34430373.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34430380.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34430385.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34430386.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34430388.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34430391.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34437495.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34430395.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34430837.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34430844.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34430848.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34437492.jpg http://www.pbase.com/citylover/image/34437498.jpg http://www.pbase.com/selvin/image/30400296.jpg http://www.pbase.com/selvin/image/30400295.jpg http://www.pbase.com/selvin/image/30462498.jpg http://www.pbase.com/selvin/image/30868195.jpg http://www.pbase.com/brideauj/image/1431988.jpg http://www.pbase.com/brideauj/image/1431990.jpg http://www.pbase.com/richard_b/image/38124089.jpg
  14. One of the best subway systems in the country. The history, the rowhouses, architecture, downtown shopping(think of the Galleria, but outdoors, just beautiful), no oversized parking lots anywhere,heavy pedestrian traffic outside regardless the weather, vibrant downtown, fantastic waterfront, etc, etc. I'm surprised I am the only one that thinks this.
  15. Whew. Thanks for reminding me about this.
  16. These people are insane. j/k But no city can compare with Boston, and it feels a lot larger than Houston.
  17. I surprised someone from Boston would be impressed with that strip mall.
  18. I never saw this rendering. Which looks a whole lot better.
  19. We have heard this from summer 2004 to December. What makes it different now?
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