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  1. Am I remembering wrong, or wasn't the IH-610 southbound to IH-69 northbound ramp formerly 2 lanes?  Cutting it from 2 lanes to 1 lane seems like very backwards thinking.  Though I guess that goes with the views of many here who think that roads should be made smaller to encourage public transit.

    And yes, I too have now found that exiting to Westheimer and getting back on to get from 610 south to 69 north is quicker.  I'm pretty sure that's not something that TxDOT wanted to have happen with this project.

    i doubt there is a conspiracy here, though; I think it is just incompetence.  Thinking that TxDOT is intentionally doing it so that cronies can profit from accidents is totally ridiculous nonsense.

  2. 1 hour ago, X.R. said:

    Why would the Afton Oaks people whine? Anyone take Richmond through there? People fly down that road at like 45-50mph when traffic is crazy on 59. This would cause some natural speed limiting and then people wouldn't have to idle in their driveway waiting for the perfect chance to back out of their driveway and not die.

    The BRT line is not planned to go through Afton Oaks.  It would drop down from Richmond in the Greenway Plaza area to follow Westpark.  Even the last designs for the LRT line weren't even planned to go go through Afton Oaks.  After the neighborhood made a big stink about it, Metro moved the planned route from Richmond to Westpark.  The biggest difference I am seeing between the proposed BRT route and the formerly proposed LRT route, in the Wheeler to Uptown section, is that it now appears to cross IH-69 at Edloe instead of just west of Edloe (Timmons maybe?).


    Also, if they are only planning to do Segment 2 initially, I hope they at least do two more stops into Segment 1 to connect it with the Westpark / Lower Uptown Transit Center instead of dead-ending at the railroad tracks.

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  3. That looks amazing.  Houston could never get anything this cool.  It would get value-engineered into a box covered in fake stucco.  I could see something like this being built in a more innovative place like China, though.

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  4. On 5/17/2021 at 11:38 AM, hindesky said:

    I took a pic of the vines near Montrose bridge and yes, they are very dead. I also took one of the entrance of Rice and they look like they are coming back. Don't know if they are the same species plus the ones at Rice have access to more moisture vs. the ones on the highway.



    Those don't look very dead to me.  Look closely -- there is lots of green hiding behind the dead branches.  If they clear out the dead vines on top, they will grow back.

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  5. And another building with cohesive architectural style made incohesive in the name of modernization.  Looks as silly as 811 Louisiana and 2 Houston Center.  Pity.

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  6. 22 hours ago, mkultra25 said:

    It's already been announced that William McVey's sculpture "Energy", which graced the entrance to Abercrombie for the building's entire history, will be preserved and incorporated into the new building.

    That was the first thing I thought of when I heard Abercrombie was being torn down.  So glad the art is being saved.

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  7. On 4/24/2021 at 7:27 PM, Highrise Tower said:

    Taking out trees in the median on Chimney Rock.  Any idea on the scope of work here?


    This bridge is also being replaced.  They are doing a single bridge, not a double bridge, and I believe they are taking out the trees because the new bridge will go down the middle. The same is being done at South Rice.

    New Chimney Rock bridge:


    New South Rice bridge:

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  8. Yes, it was a little park.  When they built Discovery Green and One Park Place, the park space "moved" a block east to cover up parking lots that used to be where Discovery Green is now.  That's why the Shops at Houston Center used to be called the Park Shops because the balcony overlooked the park (now it overlooks Phoenicia).

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  9. 3 hours ago, Nate99 said:

    If they could put a skybridge over to the Four Seasons from the Phase II building, that would do it via the Park Shops/Houston Center. If they did that and bridged to the Hilton, you could get from Bayou Place all the way to the GRB without ever stepping outside. 

    A skybridge between the Marriott Marquis and the new Block 98 apartment tower (seen on early renderings but removed from later renderings) would achieve the same thing too.  If neither gets built, I would have to wonder if they are intentionally trying to isolate GRB from the rest of the skywalk/tunnel system.

  10. 1 hour ago, HNathoo said:

    I imagine they’re just upgrading/fixing the signs. These guys typically sign very long term leases (25 years plus options) and this was just built recently. 

    You may be thinking of the CVS at West Alabama and Shepherd, which was just built in 2015.  This was built in 2005.

  11. I wonder if it would be cheaper for TxDOT to just relocate the rail (rebuilding one bridge and acquiring a small amount of land for the reroute) than to do what is currently planned barring no cooperation from other entities (rebuilding one bridge, building a shoofly bridge, and building two grade-separated crossings).  Seems like a no-brainer to me; I'm surprised an agreement hasn't been made yet.

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  12. After reading the Record of Decision published yesterday, one thing I am worried about is that they seem to have abandoned the plan to relocate the railroad tracks, necessary for the North Canal project, because it discusses adding grade-separated crossings for the tracks at Providence and Rothwell Street, but those would be completely unnecessary if the tracks are relocated.  Also they mention a shoofly for the overpass over IH-45, but I would think that wouldn't be necessary if they built the new bridge with the new alignment necessary for the relocated rail in lieu of a shoofly.  If I am reading this right, that is very disappointing.

  13. 10 hours ago, paul2834 said:


    OMG. They actually didn't f*** that part up. THANK YOU. This is huge allowing a rapid connection between uptown and downtown without any transfer. I was so worried they would make you get off at the Northwest TC

    Maybe I am misunderstanding, but from the map it looks like they WILL require you to get off at the Northwest TC and then take the Silver line to get down into Uptown.  This BRT line will not be going to Uptown, per the map -- only to the NW Transit Center and, if the high speed rail is built, continue north to the HSR terminal.  But maybe the map is inaccurate and it will actually turn south to Uptown along the ROW put in place for the Silver Line?

  14. 22 hours ago, Highrise Tower said:


    They completed the utility and road reconstruction and stopped. There hasn't been any activity in a month.




    Ten utility poles in a very small area.  It's like they are trying to make our city as ugly as possible.  If they are too cheap to bury the power lines like first world cities would do, they should at least try to minimize the number of poles.

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