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  1. I found a really cool mid century uniform consisting of blue capri pant and white cotton shirt that has Cokin's stitched on the on the back of the shirt. Was told this was a pretty well know Houston restarant. Who can enlighten me. Thanks
  2. What ever happeded to cops on the beat? It seems placing new members of HPD to walk the beat dowtown would be a good training gound for them. Not only could they meet downtown residents, but tourist also, and if needed could deal with the "situations" that might arise in a large city.
  3. The Heritage Society in Sam Houston Park has a cowboy suit worn by Don Mahoney in its collections.
  4. The wood look very red to be cypress. Could it be Texas cedar.
  5. I agree with TJones on the date. I have my Dads Kohler sectional with original upholstery. He bought his in 1958. The legs could be the ones on you piece if they were blond. THe tambour doors are great. Id go for it and put the lamp on the piece anyway.
  6. This is totoally off the wall. I wonder if the penny could be made from some recycled material with the goal of cleaning up our environment. Perhaps junked cars. The Treasury department could have a pontiac, chevrolet, ford, buick, penny.
  7. Thanks, I have always wondered why there isnt some nice upscale construction along the canyon running though Lubbock. Instead it is relegated to bad commercial and warehouse.
  8. Can you tell me about the Canyon west Project. I heard that white horse canyon was to be damned. Is this part of that" Thanks Tech Grad here
  9. I too think the houses would be great in Sam Houston Park, say facing Bagby across from the Main Library. Historically there were big homes along this area. There was also in later years a Fire Alarm building along this bit of Bagby.
  10. I think a better punishment would be to take the tagger to his/her Mothers living room and say "do that wall over there" Talk about a reformation.
  11. I lived in Overton park while attending Tech and was a little dismayed to see such wholesale urban renewal as in total leveling of everything in the area. But moving on, hopefully the new development will produce some steller results. It will be nice to have a hotel to stay in right across from the campus. Hopefully the new development will have some effect on stabilizing the remaining part of Overton from Broadway to University. That is a wonderful mix of architectural styles, one of Lubbocks oldest developments and if Im not mistaken has been designated historic. Lubbock could show other cities in Texas a thing or two about urban planning as in landscape requirements, sign restrictions, buried utilities.
  12. Actually The Heritage Society which maintains the homes in Sam Houston Park were asked by the city to determine if a site could be found in the Park for the houses. (Cohen and Foley) Since the city has to approve anything moved into the park the project never got off of the ground. Tropical Storm Allison did flood two of the homes, the Old Place and the Pillot house(which sat at Chenevert and McKinney).The Society did move Old Place to higher ground and has recently raised the Pillot House out of the flood plain and completed a mega outside restoration including adding back the original side porch.
  13. you are the only other person I have ever met who has seen the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover. Great movie.
  14. Just keep speeding down Memorial and it will be alright.
  15. Thanks for the feedback and recommendation.
  16. Actually such an entity exist in Houston. It is the Heritage Society which maintains all of the historic structures in Sam Houston Park. The mission of the group is the preservation and interpretation of Houston history. It is a private non profit. Like most museums it requires a large membership base for support and for furthering the aims of the organization. Come down and see the Bob Bailey exhibit and if you like what you see pick up a membership brochure. Thanks for the posting. I would encourage the readers to come to the museum and see this collection. These items were given to The Heritage Society by Mr. James Lee, who personally purchased the Bailey Collection and spent countless hours trying to find a home for them in Houston. He created the Trust that donated the vast archive of Bailey material to the Center for American History in Austin. The photographs in the collection will be housed in the permanant collections of THe Heritage Society. Its free and opened on the weekends. Thanks Wallace Saage Curator 713 683 0188
  17. That might be a little harsh, but a nice squirt of clear honey or dish washing soap, which I keep in my car for some strange reason, on the drivers side door handle might be ok.
  18. My question is will all of these planting bite the dust like the wonderful plantings did at 610 and I10 interchange. With growth of outlying areas the freeways at some point will have to be widened so it stands to reason all of these plantings will be sacrificed at a later date.
  19. Great cause. My check is in the mail. You can walk without a sponsor right. Look for the great wheeser and it will be me.
  20. Please excuse me because I dont know how navigate this site but I wanted to suggest that Randy Pace who is the city Preservation Officer might have some links to possible revenue sources for renovation. His number is 713 837 7796 I wonder if the Texas Historic Commission could help.
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