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  1. The widening of Hardy stops at the Grand Parkway interchange. There will be 3 lanes and the 3rd lane will be exit only to the Grand Parkway. Past that it will go back down to 2 lanes all the way to I-45. The same is true southbound. The exit onto Hardy starts the 3rd lane. The bottleneck to get North will just be shifted from 1960 to the Grand Parkway, unless a lot of people exit.
  2. I think that part is Section G, which won't open until later in the year due to delays from last years flooding.
  3. Per ABC13, F-1 and F-2 will open February 8th and tolls will begin a week later on February 15th.
  4. The way it looks in the schematics it's just going to fit more people in the same area. Instead of being stuck in traffic with exits, now you won't have a way out of the backup.
  5. As far as the Hardy Toll Road extension is concerned, construction has already started, but is being done in phases. The first phase was to relocate the railroad tracks, which has been completed already. Next they have to construct 2 overpasses and 1 underpass because originally these were at grade crossings. That is to start early 2016. When all that is done, phase 2 can start which is the actual road construction.
  6. Speaking of Equinox, it is scheduled to open December 3rd. So the temporary sales center they have in the parking lot off of Westheimer should be gone soon.
  7. It looks like it is still site remediation. The majority of the site has been dug up. Dump trucks have been bringing in "clean" dirt each day and filling in the large hole they were digging. Other than that I haven't seen much else done. They have also been digging up parts of Gillette and redoing pipes for water of some sort.
  8. Anyone know what is going up on Gillette next to the Ashton West Dallas Apartments and the Federal Reserve? Green fencing, a portable building and 2 port a pottys went up Monday. I remember seeing that the city was selling the property but haven't heard anything since. There is also direct access to Allen Parkway Eastbound from Gillette now. Construction occurred over the last few weeks for that.
  9. The Woodlands does have zoning, as has been said about it being master planned from the beginning. There are legally binding design standards and covenants. There are separate Commercial and Residential standards. In order for a project to go forward it has to be reviewed by a Design Review Committee as well as a couple others to make sure it fits with the standards in place.
  10. The teen center was called the Gorilla Hole for a while. There used to be dances and roller hockey there too.
  11. Hobby lobby has always been where it is now after the K-Mart closed, i think it was a Big K too. Fitness Connection used to be a Bally Total Fitness. The Kettle I think you are talking about wasn't the Sam's. It was over near the La Quinta and is currently a Denny's near Research Forest. It had the best breakfast buffet. As for the bowling alley, i think it's getting redone right now, i drove by last weekend and it was painted new colors. I never went to the 19th hole but i do remember it was near a jazzercise place that my mom went to. There were a lot of those back then. The WAC (Woodlands Athletic Club) next to the Grogan's Mill shopping center was the only pool to go to before they built all the other public pools out there now.
  12. Bear with me on this and feel free to ask me anything and i'll do my best to answer questions about the early days of The Woodlands. There's a lot to be said about the early days in The Woodlands. My family moved there in '90-'91. When we moved there, the original Montgomery County library had just burned down and was temporarily relocated to what is now the Shell training center in the Grogan's Mill shopping center. The original was located near Lamar Elementary on Many Pines Rd. The only theater was the Cinema 6 or 8 (it was a number) in what is now the Pier 1 Imports on I-45. You could go there or drive down to the Loews in Spring which was next to the Blimp Base for the Good Year Blimp (that today is a Loew's and other big box retailers. As far as Grocery stores go, the main places to go were the Randalls in Panther Creek, the Randalls on Sawdust (today it's a 99 cent store), or the Kroger on Sawdust, as mentioned earlier in this thread. HEB came in a little later in the same place it is today, but oriented towards Sawdust. It was next to a Blockbuster Video and an Eckerd Drug. IronTiger, you're right about Kmart, it closed mid 90s. It wasn't open too long. After the original walmart (Big Lots now) closed, that space was a Craft store (Ben Franklin something i think). Since it wasn't as populated as it is now, there was no overpass at Woodlands Parkway, the foundation was there though. Every car had to exit to the light and wait to continue on Woodlands Parkway. That used to be the location of the Christmas event "Lighting of the Doves" as well. They stood facing east where the overpass is now. Pretty much the only thing to do in the early 90s before the mall and tinseltown was the bowling alley and the small theater i mentioned earlier, unless you went into town. There were also very few stop lights back then, everything was a 4 way stop sign. The golf courses were originally designed to flood in order to prevent the flooding of neighborhoods, which is why when it flooded badly in '93, a lot of homes were spared.
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