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  1. The Official Movie Website for Not Today: http://t.co/5DWTRbcild #endslavery

  2. Hey Church: Get Off Your Donkey and Join the Mission of God http://t.co/35YqRCYwpZ #pastors via @pastors

  3. Facebook speaks language of big brands with behavioral targeting - Mobile Marketer - Social ne http://t.co/AgiQroyZO2 #behavior #mobile #yay

  4. No More Voices | Jon Acuff http://t.co/p5ENr36mbl via @jonacuff This is cool and kind of helpfulish...

  5. Marriage Doesn’t Happen on Your Wedding Day. http://t.co/GcMS2ecJli via @tylerwardis. I guess we are Tweens...

  6. I just watched @the_digital_age's new interactive music video for #Believe http://t.co/dLALQcZR5d Cool!

  7. Volcano Mulching - Not good for your trees or for you http://t.co/A7S3iLJFTi via @gardeningtom

  8. Jeremy Courtney's Ted Talk in Baghdad - Middle East Experience: http://t.co/jIYTubvZon

  9. Slavery still exists. Watch this video & then share it. #enditmovement http://t.co/3udUK5j6T1) Today is the day!

  10. American Academy of Pediatrics Offers Stern Pesticide Warning - SafelawnsSafelawns http://t.co/0VDbEzpC5N

  11. 5 Tips to Make Facebook Marketing Mobile-Friendly http://t.co/Q2o7JQcins Still looking for some help? Contact us. #mobilemarketing

  12. 'BeFree' Text Shortcode Helps Victims of Human Trafficking http://t.co/ik3SYd3wLU via @mashable #enditmovement

  13. I just bought: 'Recipes from My Home Kitchen: - A friend of mine's wife @ChristineHHa. Happy for them. Awesome! http://t.co/7WXYLrwfSz

  14. Free #organic gardening books for your Kindle: http://t.co/CwQGacgVZ3

  15. What the New Pope Means for the Future of the Church http://t.co/NBgLS4c46H via @DallasSeminary

  16. #lovehome early snap peas... Means we could have a good crop http://t.co/hckH0Ym2OY

  17. It is Time for the American Christian Church to Surrender the Gay Marriage Fight, Apologize & Share Love http://t.co/SiZwysF3tD - good too!

  18. A Possible Compromise on the Gay Marriage Controversy http://t.co/gXkcexxgOD #nobrainer

  19. Let's start ending it today! #enditmovement

  20. #TwitterMadeMeRealize That there are 27 million slaves in the world today! #enditmovement

  21. Kids are Victims in Our Culture of Pornography - PornHarms http://t.co/ECEmwUNGg6 via @Porn_Harms

  22. The Busy Trap http://t.co/ntL153Aqg7 "wonder if all this busyness is keeping us from the things that are most important..." #itsnotworthit

  23. And Then the Conference Uninvited Me to Speak http://t.co/Z7OtYwjJq9 #amen

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