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  1. Never thought I'd see the day when that empty Albertson's would get torn down, it is great to finally see these vacancies getting replaced with modern development.
  2. You also have to keep in mind that SeaWorld in San Antonio opened in 1988... Sea Arama in Galveston closed in 1990 if my memory serves me right. Meaning when Sea World was shopping around for a place to set up shop, not only did they need to be near established tourist attractions... But it would seem pointless to open SeaWorld in the Houston area at a time when Sea Arama was still open just down the street, on top of Astroworld, Waterworld, and Splashtown all of which were doing pretty good at the time. In the mid 80s, San Antonio probably seemed a better fit for being able to be profitable quicker. (Fiesta Texas didn't open until 1992, so Sea World had the market largely to themselves to begin with.
  3. I worked at the Bryan Winn-Dixie for several years up until its closing. I can affirm to you that it closed June 2002, I recall going there as a kid for snacks with my parents in 1989-1990 as well. So at the latest it opened in the 80s. Also, I can tell you that the former Appletree on HWY 21 is now called "El Ahorro Supermarket", but prior to Appletree in the 80s and early 90s it was a Safeway. We bought our groceries at the HWY 21 Safeway/Appletree up until the Wal-Mart Supercenter opened on Briarcrest in the 90s.
  4. The Bryan Winn-Dixie actually closed June of 2002... I was working there until it closed.
  5. Yes a do believe that time frame is correct, though it may have actually been a year or two sooner than that.
  6. That would be great... My job moved me away from Bryan about two years ago, so keeping up with all of the changes and new things has been limited to what has been posted here. I was glad to finally be able to see some pics of the BTC... Finally Bryan gets a quality development of sorts.
  7. Yeah, and once Luby's at Post Oak closed it turned into a Bishops Cafeteria for a short period of time, I think it was only there for a year or two. Anybody remember The Red Bandana on Highway 21 in Bryan? They had some pretty awesome chicken fried steak and smoked sausage.
  8. It was a club, I believe that was before Shadow Canyon... though I may be wrong on the timing of when SC was there.
  9. I believe it was in 2000, the last movie I saw at that theater was "Blade" with Wesley Snipes, which came out in August of 1998... But I remember when my sister began working at JCPenney in January of 2000, it was still open as a theater, but then when i began working at Sears in 2002, it was no longer open, it was a dance club at that time.
  10. Yes, I remember taking swimming lessons there in the 80's. You can still see some of the outline of the pool if you walk near the original location. To my knowledge it had a lot of leaking problems, and was filled in because of high upkeep costs. But I may stand corrected regarding the closure reasoning.
  11. I was aware that the majority of those areas were unincorporated, I was mearly stating those area's for growth. Much like the area on Bolivar is unincorportated, eventually it will see growth. Whether those area's are within a municipality or not is another topic, but the fact that those areas have grown in with subdivisions and business is more or less what I was getting at. But you do make a very valid point about the marshes, I had forgotten that area near 45 was marshy...
  12. Same here, parents usually dropped us off while they went and did their errands.
  13. I can't say that I am 100% thrilled to see Galveston's coast line slowly turn into high-rise heaven, but I am glad to see Galveston get some attention after all the years of neglect.
  14. Over the next century that area won't be so sparsely populated anymore, the entire region is growing at a very fast pace, and I would not at all be suprised to see Galveston annex land off of the island in the distant future. It does not make since to do so now, but the day will probably come to where it may be necessary. Of course, I do not see them ever annexing Bolivar, but maybe on the mainland near I-45 as population and growth needs allow. Compare Katy and the Spring/Woodlands area 50 years ago versus today...
  15. Just a few blocks away from the old Bowie School. It is the Horizon's now, and I think BVCASA also uses that building too.
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