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  1. Since when were they ever called ballots? The letter I received from our friends at CoH said "Survey" on the envelope.
  2. Pretty much so, much like the changes to the feeder road down by Target.
  3. WalMart was built where there was NO, and I mean absolutely NO residential or traffic impact. It was a frigging ABANDONED business that had been there for years and traffic was never an issue until the bicycle lane was put in on Heights Blvd. that supposedly had a traffic impact study completed which stated there would be no impact. Many traffic IMPROVEMENTS were made due to WalMart. One major improvement is that there is now an exit to Yale and Heights from I10 East. There is no need to go all the way to Studewood. Sorry for the caps and bolding, but you seem to have issues with compre
  4. As you stated, "this is one of the busiest intersections in The Heights" which is exactly why I am opposed to more retail. They already took away 1 lane in each direction on Heights Blvd. for bicyclists that refuse to obey traffic laws.
  5. Really, tear it down and put in retail space? This is in the heart of residential properties. You pissed and moaned about WalMart and it was a vacant field and had no impact on residential properties.
  6. You should be a politician. You crawfish so well.
  7. You are the one that said it DID NOT include other Greater Heights neighborhoods.
  8. Your math doesn't support your claim. You state The Heights, so lets review The Heights numbers. I could care less about other neighborhoods as I do not live there and am only concerned with where I have called home for a VERY long time. 170 houses in 18 months does not equal 200 per year. That works out to be 9.44 houses per month. Over a 24 month period that equals 226.66 homes, or 173.34 homes short of your 200 home per year claim. Going forward, If you take the 324 total as you state in March 2008 and subtrace the 170 in 2006, that equals 154. 146 short of your 200 per year claim.
  9. Show me 200 addresses that bungalows were demolished in 1 year in The Heights. I'm tired of reading this untrue statement.
  10. I'd like the ordinance repealed ONLY due to how it was initiated. A "Survey" was not the proper way to conduct who is for and who is against. There were restrictions, albeit block by block, that prevented multi-family dwellings and homes that consumed an entire lot. (minimum lot size and setback) MOST of the so-called historic houses that were torn down needed to be torn down because they were far beyond repair. Until someone is paying my mortgage and taxes, I'll put up one hell of a fight before being told what I can and cannot do to my house that I've owned for 18+ years, LONG before
  11. Sounds like the same process that "rammed" through with much opposition which now results in my house being in a Hysterical District. Maybe they sent out "surveys" and you didn't return yours in time which then meant an automatic YES for the 380 and WalMart.
  12. With that being said, can I implode my house that is in one of the designated Hysterical Districts? It was built in 1930 (decco period) and is brick (does not hold up well according to you vast knowledge of architecture aesthetics). It looks like a "brick block" with some windows and a front door. Let me know!
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