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  1. Thanks, OldHouseLover, for the information. The Simms Estate was, more than likely, what I remember from those days.
  2. Thanks to all who replied to my question. I was never aware of the Simm's Estate's existence, but that would sound about right. I don't believe it was a part of the Country Club, but I was so young that...well...who knows? Anyway, thanks again for the replies.
  3. I'm going to venture a guess that it was originally referred to as the "East End" because of it's eastern border with the Port of Houston. Back in our early history, Houston didn't extend eastward beyond that area. If I remember correctly, Houston's eastern borders once ended where Harrisburg and Buffalo Bayou met. My thoughts are in no way conclusive, but they seem as good an answer as any, I suppose.
  4. Does anyone have any knowledge of what may have been an old Southern plantation, or a very old plantation-like home, that once occupied the area just south of the intersection of Polk and Wayside? I grew up just west of that area (Jefferson and Henninger) and seem to recall at least one old and dilapidated stucture, covered by dense foliage and surrounded by several really old trees, back in that general area. Back in those days (mid 60's) I would ride my bike all along the railroad tracks, from Jefferson up to Polk, then scoot over to that area around Wayside. It was maybe some time between '
  5. Looking once again at some of the pictures posted here, and seeing the one of the neatly manicured front lawn of Jackson, I noticed what seems to be a monument, or structure, adjacent to steps (not sure what this type of structure is called) of sorts. It also appears to be directly in front of the old tree that is about 20 yards or so (?) in front of the main entrance. While looking around at the picture and observing the steps, I couldn't help but reminisce about my first kiss. That kiss took place directly underneath that same tree. The girl that I kissed was Barbara (last name omitted) and
  6. I attended Jackson from 1969-72, then went on for a year to attend SFA High, finally moving on to Pasadena High, where I spent a year prior to moving on to an almost 25-year career with the U.S. Air Force. I finally retired from the AF back in 2000, opting then to relocate to Phoenix, AZ., where I remain to this day. When I Googled Jackson Junior High this morning I sort of stumbled across this site. My God! This is so nice! Looking at the various pics, especially the one of Susan standing in front and off to the side of the campus on the last day of school in 1972 almost brings me to tears of
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