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  1. It was originally a Henke & Pillot Supermarket built in the 1950's (Store 18)
  2. There was a large frame house that was near the location of the convenience store on Maxwell Lane. During the 1960's it was owned by an engineering / construction company that kept miscellaneous materials stored there. It was torn down when they cleared the whole tract for the construction of the apartments in 1971. There were several other small homes on Maxwell toward the Freeway, but they were torn down earlier. The only cemetery near that location was further toward the bayou that appeared to have been abandoned. (would have been behind the homes at the bend of Sylvan / McGregor) The ol
  3. Sounds like the Old Simm's Estate. There's some threads about it. Always looking for some good pictures of it in it's prime. I know they exist, but haven't seen them. http://www.houstonar...t-end-mansions/
  4. Don't know why my picture link went bad... Here's the old picture again. http://i752.photobucket.com/albums/xx166/CWallingford/Jackson-1.jpg
  5. A Realtor has to disclose anything they know "without even being asked about it" that would influence someone's decision to purchase real estate. This is covered in the Texas Deceptive Trade Practice Laws. Although there are several other things that should have tipped someone off 1) Signed seller's disclosure statement that the owner is required to provide, that discloses seller's awareness of any previous flooding problems. 2.) Survey that is required by most mortgages, that would indicate the flood zone and and FEMA flood zone designations. 3.) Property insurance policy would not be issue
  6. The original Weingartens was built almost to the corner of Lawndale and 75th. Parking was in the rear. The new strip center with Weingartens, Eckherts, TG&Y etc was built in the late 60's pushed back from Lawndale to allow the big parking area. As I recall they didn't tear down the old Weingarten's building until the new one was almost complete behind it.
  7. There are always tradeoffs, but the old vacant Oshman's warehouse and dilapidated buildings on Wayside have hardly been an asset to the area. It’s much better than 28 acres of lower rent apartment buildings.
  8. Yes, the apartments were built in the early 50's and were always very nice until the mid 70's. I knew a girl that lived there and the interiors had nice finsh out. We always visited the apartments at Halloween, because you could visit more doors in a shorter amount of time. Originally there were 4 buildings and one disappeared (maybe a fire?) They had large carports in back and professional landscaping. It's a shame someone didn't maintain them properly. The large apartment complex off Maxwell Lane to the Gulf Fwy was built in the early 70's and were cheaply built and never maintained properly
  9. There was a convenience type store close to that location with a bar in the back room! It was located behind a gas station that faced Wayside. Had a pass thru serving bar behind the cashier area. There would be old beer drinkers parked on their bar stools looking over the cashier’s area at the kids buying candy at the counter. It was even creepy then, probably illegal now.
  10. Yes, growing up on Sylvan, it seems like I knew most of the families and every sq/ft of the neighborhood as we explored and played outdoors most of the time. The Anderson's house at 1955 North MacGregor Way, was a most unique home. It overlooked a small lake surrounded by Cypress trees. We spent time on homemade boats and caught many bass and perch. The house was modern style with wrap around overhanging balconies. It was either 3 or 4 stories! (each floor took up less sq/ft). One unique feature was a living Pine tree that was in the Kitchen area, and went up through the roof. Jack and Betty A
  11. Great picture. I grew up in the house two the right, from 1950's to early 1970's. At that time, there was nothing behind these homes all the way to the Gulf Fwy, except woods and natural grass fields. Behind this home (The Gaskils) there were some large Grapefruit, Pear and Orange Trees. You could get lost in the heavy pine tree areas. In the mid 60's NASA occupied many of the original one story office buildings that were constructed fronting the Freeway. You might also remember the large yellow oil derick that marked the office park. Great area to have grown up, it was like being in the count
  12. Here's some old pictures of a home under construction 1930's on Sylvan Road in Idlywood. Would love to see old pictures of this classic neighborhood. (please post)
  13. Regarding the Simms Estate on Wayside drive. I know in the early 1970's it was used as a haunted house for a church group. Large structure with out buildings. The house had an elevator, basement and I think 3 stories. Does anyone have pictures or links to more detail on the home in it's prime? I know at one point it was featured in the Houston Country Club Newsletter, but the links to old issues are no longer active.
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