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  1. Kress was not a Mexican place - it was a chain five and dime store (like Woolworth's).
  2. Roger is in Bryan/College Station at KORA 98.3 FM, a country station. He's half of the morning team. He's been in B/CS off and on since the mid '80s.
  3. No need to be so pissy, kids. No one I know of refers to 2154 as Wellborn road that far out of town. Back to the question - wasn't the gas station at that intersection called Annie's Country Store?
  4. It snowed in B/CS probably every 3 years or so when I was a kid growing up in the 70s. 1989 was very white, as was January of 1991. We had a good ice storm in 1997-98.
  5. The AppleTree on Briarcrest is still open and will remain open through the name change next year.
  6. Here's a picture of Manor East Mall before the "mall" part was added to the left (east) of Monkey Wards:
  7. I very seldom go to the mall as well, but looking at that picture, isn't the restroom entrance to the right of the Orange Julius, and the old arcade on the other side? I think Sonic is now where Orange Julius was. According to the map on the Post Oak Mall website, Taste of the Tropics is in the Ken Martin's spot, Roman Delight is where Pepe's was, and Manchu Wok is in the Hot Dog Experience location.
  8. Post Oak Mall food court, 1984: Pepe's, Ken Martin's, Orange Julius, The Great Hot Dog Experience!
  9. That was Burger Chef. Keyser's Hobby Shop was a spinoff of Kelly's Toylane that was in downtown Bryan. Mark Barnes - do you have a brother named Kirk? I attended BHS with him in the late 70s.
  10. Toyko Steakhouse/Coldwell Banker building was originally a bank. When it closed, that building became a bar called Last National Bank. Then Tokyo Steakhouse opened. Prosperity Bank Building was Clayton's Restaurant. There was also a Tastee Freeze next to the old A&W that was mentioned. How about - Burger Chef across from the old Kroger in Bryan? And anyone remember when Kroger was originally at the Texas Ave. end of Manor East Mall (where Hastings is now)? Oakridge Smokehouse on Texas across from campus? TJ McCord's? Mama's Pizza? Bullwinkle's? The 2-story Mr. Gattis in Bryan by the mall and in College Station where Schlotsky's is now. We sometimes used to eat at the diner in JC Penney at Manor East Mall. There was a Taco Villa across from Manor East also. We had a Pizza Inn near Bryan High behind the Dairy Queen.
  11. Boonville Station is dead: http://www.theeagle.com/stories/030807/local_20070308001.php
  12. I've heard they are not moving, but adding additional locations. The College Station stores will stay where they are.
  13. Any chance you could post a pic of the rebuilt garage on the Barnes family place? I remember it well.
  14. Who didn't have a huge crush on Amanda Arnold of KHOU in the early 80's? I've wondered for years whatever became of her. I found this on the web the other day: http://www.greenlightct.com/index.html Reprint of an article from the same website: http://www.greenlightct.com/httpdocs/images/bocaraton.pdf
  15. I remember Beetle's very well, although I can't say that I ever set foot in the place. Do you remember 3C Bar-b-que and the Red Bandana???
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