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  2. BCO & HTXO present Lost City, Colombia Information Meeting Mon, October 14, 2019 - 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM Beck’s Prime 1001 East Memorial Loop Drive Houston, TX 77007 Everyone wants to visit an undiscovered region before it becomes a hotbed of tourism. Trek the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) at Teyuna, and have that wish come true. Get firsthand knowledge of the area’s unique culture with an Indigenous guide and an English-speaking CEO accompanying you the entire way. Together, trek through lush jungles and across streams before stopping at an Indigenous village for Good-supported community lunch. Arrive at Teyuna and explore the uncrowded ruins at leisure, marvelling at what would have been here in years gone by. Say you got here first and had the Lost City all to yourself. While is hike is not for beginners... we have plenty of time for beginners to start training so you can join the trip in Feb 2020! Everyone is welcome to this info session. We're going to talk about exactly what to expect and what the training plan looks like so you can decide if this is the trip for you. RSVP at https://bit.ly/2lwS7GM For additional information, please e-mail to info@bayoucityoutdoors.com Never been before?? No worries! More than half of the people going have never been before and many people show up by themselves. So when you show up, if everyone looks like they have known each other for years.... Don’t worry. They likely just met. Look for the event leader and then them know it’s your first time and we’ll make sure to take care of you! ***  Get your copy of Houston A to Z while it lasts. You'll find 8 pages of the coolest, the curious, the gems and the underground of our town. It's everything you need to know to be a Houston aficionado and it's completely FREE - today! https://go.bucketforms.com/ab/7de34918 
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