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    Ooooh, no. I love green urban areas with decent tree cover. Especially considering the absolute necessity of shade in this city. "Urban" doesn't have to mean Manhattan.
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    The Double Tree on Post Oak was originally built as a Warwick in the mid 80's.
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    I feel your pain regarding the clientele of the neighborhood changing but agree with RedScare - you knew what Midtown was and is when you bought here and zoning would do nothing to change the fact that Midtown is a booming neighborhood that people want to be in. The crowds will change, bars will come and go and life will go on. Think of the alternative - empty blocks and low valued townhomes and real estate. Not to call anyone out; but on other threads complaining of the bars and noise next to their property, I don't hear people complaining about the town-home they bought for $275,000 now conservatively valued at $360,000 There is a red-brick townhome off bagby listed for 485K and it will probably bring something in that range - two new monstrous townhomes behind Metro Midtown just went up both option pending they were listed at 629K!!! There's always a quiet cul-de-sac in Sealy where you will inherit a whole new set of gripes i.e. Nosy mothers, kids skateboarding on your curb, HOA's, rules of what you can and can't do and general "Pleasentville flurf" I put this link here bc I too was outraged at a hit and run and a lady dying in the street and didn't like that no one was talking about it. Who knows for all we know it could have been a car coming off 59 making their way through Midtown. I love Midtown and all the change that's happening here and with all the new apartments and development I'm excited to see what it turns in to.
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    In short, no. You can't see enough of a city as large and diverse as this one. A lifetime is insufficient - especially in a city that is as ever-evolving as Houston. A longer answer is (as is usual) 'it depends'. What do you mean by "[H]ave I seen enough to see what Houston is like?" Architecture? People? Food? Art? Industry? Sports? In what aspect of the city do you have an interest?
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