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The River Oaks Theater at 2009 West Gray Street

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Hi! Since I didn't see a thread specifically for the historic River Oaks Theater i thought i would start one...

(of course lots of info is here which to me didn't make too much sense that there wasn't a thread just for the theater... but whatever ;) )


and here is some new(ish) news regarding the theater... i am pasting the article since the Houston Chronicle only allows you to see their articles with a membership (although i think you can see the site a certain amount of times before it asks you to subscribe) https://www.chron.com/culture/article/houston-river-oaks-theatre-reopening-19446666.php

It's been two years since the River Oaks Theatre made the grand announcement that the historic movie-house staple (come November, it’ll be around for 85 years) will be back for local moviegoers. Unpaid, pandemic-related lease obligations forced the three-auditorium complex to say farewell the year before, making it yet another arthouse in the nationwide Landmark Theatres chain to close in recent years. But on Saturday, May 18, River Oaks Theatre will reopen its doors for a day of festivities, organized by the Friends of River Oaks Theatre nonprofit crew. Their donors (also known as “cinephile members”) will go on a hard-hat tour of the theater’s interior. After that, they’ll head over to Star Cinema Grill at CityCentre to see the upcoming Netflix film Hit Man, starring Anyone But You leading man Glen Powell and directed by proud Houstonian Richard Linklater, who’ll be around for a post-screening Q&A

“Reagarding the re-opening, It’s imminent, but I don’t have a date,” McNamara said. “I feel like there has been lots of speculation about, you know, ‘We really hope that it will happen this summer.’ And, then, we find a blown-out, old clay sewer line underneath the floor of the main auditorium, and that has to be jackhammered out and relaid.” 


“I do appreciate the passion of those of us who have remained committed to keeping arthouse cinema alive in Houston,” said Kristian Salinas, who has done film programming for Rice Cinema, Angelika Film Center, and QFest. “That kind of passion you’re not gonna find in other places. I spent years living in Los Angeles, and that just wasn’t there — but we have it. And I think in spite of the many obstacles that we have to do what we do, we’re committed to it.”

May 12, 2024
Craig Lindsey
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