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Elliot-Greenwood Home At 9218 Old Main Street Rd.

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Today I was searching around for old hospitals and came across a very cool address! Thought I would share with HAIF.

I am confused. Did the block 9200 South Main Street (or Main Street Boulevard) exist in the 1920s? I looked on a few maps of the 1920s and 1930s. One map showed South Main Street stopping at Holcombe Blvd, while Old Main Street Road was the only road going further. Other maps showed South Main Street as being a paved roadway. Which one was it?!?!

The address in the thread title could be wrong. This might be 9218 South Main Street.


I found the details in the publication Harris County Medical Society, Woman's Auxiliary Year Book Program dated September, 1926.

Year Book
Woman's Auxiliary
To The Harris County Medical Society

Organized April 1919
Federated State May 1919

Houston, Texas 1926-1927

The doctor's addresses contained the following:

Cruse, Mrs. P.R. - 208 Sul Ross, H. 4502
Denman, Mrs. P.R. - 1220 Southmore, H. 0417
Devoti, Mrs. J.J. - Broadway and Alexander, W. 1658
Dunman, Mrs. T.E. - 711 Hawthorne, H. 1696
Durha, Mrs. M.E. - 438 W. 21st St., T. 5946
Ellis, Mrs. J.C. - 1301 Marshal, H. 3237
Elliot, Mrs. M.L. - 9218 S. Main, H. 0773
Feagin, Mrs. H.C. - 3806 Garrett, H. 0361
Flickwir, Mrs. A.C - 4316 Dallas, W. 4209
Foster, Mrs. J.B. - 2020 W. Main, W. 5799
Foster, Mrs. J.H. - 1708 River Oaks, H. 6791



8 years after, in 1934, the house was occupied by Mrs. Greenwood.  Very interesting, because I think this is the source of the internet's wrong information regarding the location of Greenwood's Sanitarium which is (actually) located at 7308 Old Main Street Road. I believe, to my research, these are different families. I do know there was a James Greenwood Senior, and a James Greenwood Junior. Maybe this is the one of the wives?

According to TSHA, Greenwood, James, Sr. was married to Ella Harris.  Definitely not James Greenwood Senior!


From the newspaper The Rice Thresher dated November 23, 1934:

As the regular meeting of the E.B. L.S. Last Monday, the pledges invited all of the active members to an Open House which will be given at the home of Mary Greenwood, 9218 Main Street. Saturday evening, November 24, from 7:30 until 9:30. The hostess announced the following committees to make arrangement for the party invitations, Martha Bartels, Billie Byers, Catherine Crain, and Peggy Warren. Refreshments, Kathleen Carr and Betty Abbott. The decorations will be keeping the approaching Thanksgiving season.

The annual Thanksgiving breakfast given by active members for the alumnae, will be held at 8:0 next Thursday morning at the Carolina Pines. The president urged all of--

2nd page:

The pledges of Elizabeth Baldwin Literary Society will entertain the members from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., Saturday when an open house at the home of Miss Mary Greenwood, Main Street Road.

Misses Katherine Dionne, Ida Delllacy, Elizabeth Neathery and Kate Ross Patton will preside at the coffee service. An autumn theme will be carried out in the dining room where the fruit and autumn leaves on a mirror reflector will center the table.



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