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Voltera EV Charging Station At 1505 Haddon St.

Highrise Tower

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I have some potentially good news about this property. I went to by to take a picture of the Variance Request sign for "Houston Electric Vehicle Montrose". While there, a guy was closing the gate and about to leave so I asked him some questions about it. Asked him if this was to charge anybody's electric car but he said they sold it for $9 million to "the people building the apartments at the Women's Center" his words exactly. The property includes Duty Construction's property, the painting business next to it on Haddon St. and the 3 houses on Nevada St.

This topic was brought up at the Neartown Association meeting last night by a civic member from First Montrose Commons who asked the other civic associations to protest the variance at the Planning Association Meeting to be held on Sept. 7th, 2023. I think he was under the impression this might be for a fleet of autonomous self driving vehicles. I actually think that this electric vehicle charging station and the one happening in Midtown is for a future apartment projects and for the renters who will have electric vehicles.

It's a fairly large piece of property, large enough for an apartments to be built on.










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So Lucy Magana called me back but she doesn't have a lot of information about what may be built here beyond what the sign says. Said there will be 3 houses and electric vehicle charging stations for anybody to use but the one interesting bit of info is that the owner is "2515 Caroline" which just happens to be the Caroline Lofts apartment project.

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I went to vote at the West Gray Multi Center (I park in the back lot) and saw these surveyor stakes on the perimeter of the property. Saw a Windrose Surveying pickup so I stopped to talked with the surveyor who said those weren't his, he was surveying Haddon St.

Looks like this will be moving forward. The old construction company still has some of their equipment on site.



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  • The title was changed to Voltera EV Charging Station At 1505 Haddon St.

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