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Streets Named After Old Established Families


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I am, always have been, and will forever be proud of my family name, Bissonnet, here in Houston. The Houston Chronicle actually ran in one of their sections; I think it was the Life Style section, or something like that about, "Have you had a street in Houston named after you?". Well, Bissonnet was right there and confirmed my Grandma Helen Bissonnet's story. There was relative, George Bissonnet, tht was in training in the Air Corps down in Florida, somewhere. He was being trained to fly WW I fighters, but unfortunately he was killed. Yes, it wasn't in action, but it certain was/is the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. The story goes that there was this road considerably away from downtown Houston, named Poor Farm Rd., that was near a sawmill located where Herman Park is currently. So, they renamed it Bissonnet in honor of a long standing Houston family that gave his life for his country.

Oddly enough, my father, Harry Bissonnet, was in WW II and successfully graduated from the Air Cadet Corps qualified to fly P-38's. Unfortunately, this was later on in the war and the P-38's had been grounded to be sent to the Pacific Theater. So, since he and the rest of his class had been certified in multi engin planes they were now made B-17 pilots instead. You can imagine, even in those days, no fighter jock wanted to be stuck in some slow "cluncker" like a bomber. To them that was like goin from a Masserati to a garbage truck.....LOL

Dr. Harold G. Bissonnet, Jr.

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Thank you Dr. Bissonnet, for sharing your rich family history. Sorry for your loss. My grandfather served in the army, in WWII, Japan.

I've traveled down Bissonnet many times, nice to know the story behind the name.

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