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Country Clubs In Katy


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Anyone members of any country clubs in Katy? I'm looking into joining one to network and brush up on my golf. I know there is Willow Fork and Falcon Point. I think Meadowbrook Farms has a semi-private club membership. Any other clubs in/around Katy? Also, what are the approximate membership costs?

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Falcon Point is a member of ClubCorp (www.clubcorp.com)

You had all three clubs right in Katy.

Falcon Point and Willow Fork are both true country clubs. (Have swimming pools and tennis courts as well as golf). they Dues and initiation fees are about the same. I was a member of Falcon point in the late 80's as a junior, and my boss is a member at Willow Fork. Both have had their greens redone in the last 2 years, with Willow Fork just completing theirs. If you are a begginning golfer, Willow Fork is more favorable, but is still challenging. Falcon Point has water on 16 of 18 holes, and you can lose a lot of golf balls to that water. I beleive that the Palmer Group now operates Willow Fork, but I can't guarantee that.

Meadowbrook Farms is semi-private, which means they are in the process of going private. It is just about golf currently. When I worked their 2 years ago, they were planning on expanding the dining room amenities, but it wasn't planned to have swimming or tennis (Thats what your HOA dues pay for out here!) It is designed by Greg Norman and is easily the best course out here. It is good for begginners because there are not a lot of forced carries, but when you move back it is a very difficult course. It is operated by Heritage Golf Group. Last I knew it was more expensive than the other 2. So it really depends on what you are looking for!

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