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    Born in Heights Hospital, delivered by Dr. Mylie Durham (Durham Drive) named for his son, Dr. Charles Durham Grew up in Lamar Terrace, Willowbend and Westbury. Graduated in 1971. Moved to the Montrose area after high school, and lived intermittantly in Houston and Austin till 1979. Worked at Hobbit Hole and Rainbow Lodge in the mid and late 1970s.
    In 1979, I got a scholarship to Vassar College, where I earned a BA in Geography-Anthropology, I then went to Penn State and got an MA and a PhD in Geography. In 1990, I took a position at Florida Atlantic University, from which I retired in 2017.

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  1. Hi,

    You delivered papers to this apartment? Yes, there were a lot of wild and crazy young people who lived there. Not me though. 

    A couple of my friends from high school  got married and moved there and told me about it.  I live there with my Girlfriend in the summer of 1973.  Big swimming pool. Cost 99 dollars to move in. Utilities included.  

    I lived near the office and you walked upstairs and on the right was my one bed room apartment. Yes, the sliding glass door was my front door.   I used a broom stick to stop someone lifting off the rails and walk in uninvited. Later, I moved into a two bedroom apartment and shared the rent with another couple. My bedroom had no window. Great for sleeping late. 

    I did not have a car and did not need one. Beautiful movie theater nearby. I watch a James Bond movie there. Live and let die. No one can forget that movie and that theater!

    Walking to the galleria was easy and what an incredible place. Ice skating was a big hit with the locals. What a summer to remember. 

    I see you are really into Geography.  I went to La Tech. Professional Aviation Department. My minor was Geography. 




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